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Delta by Mind Map: Delta

1. identified stakeholders

1.1. Craig Wise, Director, Digital Customer Experience


1.2. Andrew Rudnik, Manager - eCommerce Channels - Customer Experience & Loyalty

1.3. Rhonda Crawford Vice President, Global Distribution & Digital Strategy

1.3.1. Exemplary record in digital (eCommerce) and social media - as well as integrated marketing, communications and PR - designed to enhance reputation, build brand affinity and drive tangible business results.

1.4. Kelly Marchant, Engagement Center Director

1.4.1. Spoke at CCW


1.5. Ryan McFerrin Manager, Brand Communications


2. Touchpoints / Events

2.1. Speaking at EyeforTravel in ATL

2.2. Checking into attendee at Incite events

3. Current Engagement from:

3.1. Dan Ketmayura, Reservations Product Strategist


3.2. Anders Barron

3.2.1. social ghost

3.2.2. Apparently Jerry Fletcher's replacement

4. To-do

4.1. Draft note from Josh to CEO referencing skift article on millenials

4.2. Map out our messaging to different parts of the organization.

4.2.1. ie. Analytics, millenials etc

4.2.2. PR, Contact Center, C-Suite, Marketing

4.3. Create Google Doc

4.3.1. tracks of prospecting and potential "in"

5. Social Tech Stack

5.1. Brandwatch

5.2. Sparkcentral

5.2.1. Customer since TwitSpark days, first brand customer Former Social Care Lead is now Director of Customer Success, Jerry Fletcher

5.3. Hootsuite

5.3.1. Publishing via Hootsuite for @DeltaNewsHub

6. Sales Strategy

6.1. Conversocial Selling Points?

6.1.1. Multi-channel according to Dan and Andres Attract millenials

6.1.2. Brandwatch integration

6.1.3. Agent performance and reporting metrics

6.1.4. Scale and Reliablity Certified Partners

6.2. Challenges

6.2.1. Familiarity with one platform for SO LONG

6.2.2. Cost? Expecting a sweetheart deal with Sparkcentral

6.2.3. Who else is influencing? Lithium, Spredfast etc

7. Agent Signatures

7.1. ^KC, ^AN, ^WG, ^RD, ^HW, ^LS, ^AN, ^SB, ^ML, ^QB, ^JH

7.1.1. Conversocial is adding auto-signatures in Q3

8. What are we hearing?

8.1. Looking at Spredfast?!

8.2. In the news

8.2.1. Allison Ausband ""I am proud we're taking a stand for unity, but I realize it's a bigger [task]," she said. "This is a national issue - one that contains many facets -- but one I know we can positively influence."


8.2.3. Delta CEO trying to figure out how to attract mllenials "Millennials want easy access to technology and a personalized experience. And, he says, they’ll initially have less money than preceding generations. But, as the father of three millennials — and a fourth, younger child — Bastian acknowledges that he isn’t yet sure how the airline will best cater to the group."

8.3. Customer Engagement Center


8.3.2. Chisholm. MN - New state of the art contact center

8.4. Massive service interuption


9. Possible Intro's?

9.1. Chick-fil-A has been speaking with Delta

9.2. Brandwatch

9.3. Incite group

10. CRM + Contact Center