"Knitting our Common European Future with Threads of our National Culture"

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"Knitting our Common European Future with Threads of our National Culture" by Mind Map: "Knitting our Common European Future with Threads of our National Culture"

1. Unique corners in Valladolid

1.1. Valladolid seen from the sky

1.2. Some help by Miguel: the Iberian Peninsula History

1.3. The places that I like on the map

2. A tourism guide by ALL the countries. But only a small portion of our students' work has been uploaded in this the flip book

3. Guide for Iraklion, Crete, Greece

4. Traditions and customs in Spain

4.1. The day of dead by Lorena

4.2. Columbus' day?? by Lorena

4.2.1. Quiz

4.3. The bonfires of Saint John's night by Patricia

4.4. Thre internatianlly vry well-known Spanish celebrations by Daniel Mt

4.5. Some Spanish customs that surprise the foreigners by Alvaro

4.6. The Holly Week in Sapin by Nayara

4.7. Brotherhoods in the Holly Week by Diego

4.8. Comparison between the Christmas celebrations in Poland, Greece, Ukraine and Spain by Sandra

4.9. Stereotypes about Spain

5. Traditions in other countries

5.1. Traditions in Ukraine

5.2. Polish Christmas

5.3. Christmas in Ukraine

5.4. Christmas in Kalymnos

5.5. Christmas in France

5.6. New Year' Eve in Turkey

5.7. The Greek custom for “Tsiknopempti”

5.8. Happy Lent in Greece

5.9. Eternal Love

6. National and popular food

6.1. Similarities between the Greek, Spanish, Ukrainian and Polish cuisines:     you will  be surprised by so many common recipes. A presentation by the Spanish group

6.2. Delicacies from my region by Daniel G.


6.4. Turkish meatballs

6.5. Ukrainian Traditional Food

6.6. Greek traditional foods and pastries of Christmas

6.7. traditional sweets of Greece

6.8. Food Customs: Great Lent in Greece

6.9. Traditional Foods at Easter  in Greece

6.10. Greek Easter sweets

6.11. Traditional Food in Greek Weddings

6.12. Traditional Polish Food

7. Religion

7.1. Comparison between Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox Christianity by Vetelina

7.2. The Liturgical Calendar in the Catholic Christianity by Laura


7.4. Religious holydays in Ukraine

7.5. Religion in Poland

7.6. Religion in Turkey

8. Sports in our town

8.1. Victor and Esther interview each other about the sports they practise: cycling and triathlon

8.2. Some high performance sport people from Valladolid and Spain by Angela

8.3. Diving in Kalymnos: sea sponge fishing

8.3.1. Decompression chamber

8.4. Sports in Bielsko-Biala, Poland

9. The Occupations in Ancient Years

9.1. Ancient Occupations in Ukraine

9.2. Potter and Miller

9.3. Chimney Sweeper

9.4. Chronicler

9.5. And others

9.6. Ancient occupations in Poland

10. What is eTwinning about?

11. Our partners

11.1. partners on the map

12. The learning diary. Unfortunately we had to leave the project in January but other partners joined then ...

13. How to work

14. The Spanish team

14.1. Introduction through voki