Chapter 4 : Images

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Chapter 4 : Images by Mind Map: Chapter 4 : Images

1. Bitmaps are an image format suited for creation of

1.1. Photo-realistic images

1.2. Complex drawings requiring fine detail

2. Image editing programs enable the user to:

2.1. Enhance and make composite images

2.2. Alter and distort images

2.3. Add and delete elements

3. Vector-drawn image are used in the following areas

3.1. Graphic artists designing for the print media and Application requiring drawing of graphic shapes

4. Vector-drawn images versus bitmaps

4.1. Vector images use less memory space and have a smaller file size as compared to bitmaps

4.2. Vector objects are easily scalable without loss of resolution or image quality.

4.3. Bitmaps are not easily scalable and resizable.

4.4. Bitmaps can be converted to vector images using autotracting.

5. Understanding natural light and color

5.1. 1. Additive color : In this method, a color is created by combining colored light sources in three primary colors-red, green, and blue(RGB)

5.2. 2. Subtractive color : In this method, color is created by combining colored media such as paints or ink.

5.3. 3. Color palettes : Paletters are mathematical tables that define the color of pixels displayed on the screen.

6. Where do bitmaps come from?

6.1. Capture a bitmap using a camera.

6.2. Capture a bitmap from a photo or other artwork using a scanner to digitize the image.

6.3. Make a bitmap from scratch with a paint or drawing program.

6.4. Grab a bitmap from an active computer screen with a screen capture program, then paste it into a paint program or your applications.

7. Legal rights protecting use of image from clip art galleries fall into three basic groupings

7.1. Public domain images were either never protected by a copyright or their copyright or their copyright has ended (freely used without obtain permission/license fee)

8. How vector-drawn images work

8.1. A vector is a line that is described by the location of its two endpoints.

8.2. Vector drawing makes use of Cartesian coordinates.

8.3. Cartesian coordinates are numbers that describe a point in two or three-dimensional space as the intersection of the X, Y and Z axes.

9. Image file types used in multimedia

9.1. Macintosh formats

9.2. Windows formats

9.3. Cross-platform formats