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Why Dual N-Back Brain Training by Mind Map: Why Dual N-Back Brain Training
5.0 stars - 1 reviews range from 0 to 5

Why Dual N-Back Brain Training

Working Memory

Episodic Memory

For Young People

For Older People

Short Term Memory

Verbal Memory

Visuo-Spatial Memory

Attentional Control

Biohacking the prefrontal cortex

Frontoparietal network

External Attention System

Vs Anxiety


Increases density of gray matter

Task complexity and location specific changes of cortical thickness in executive and salience networks after working memory training

Strengthened Effective Connectivity Underlies Transfer of Working Memory Training to Tests of Short-Term Memory and Attention

Intensive Working Memory Training Produces Functional Changes in Large-scale Frontoparietal Networks

BDNF mediates adaptive brain and body responses to energetic challenges.

Vs Depression

Reducing Emotional Reactivity

Increases IQ

Making working memory work: A meta-analysis of executive control and working memory training in younger and older adults

5.5 point IQ increase

Interference Control

Emotional N-Back

Reducing emotional reactivity

Recalibrates automatic emotional responses

Vs Stress

Early detection and late cognitive control of emotional distraction by the prefrontal cortex


Transfer Effects

Does Working Memory Training Transfer? A Meta-Analysis Including Training Conditions as Moderators

Executive Control

Fluid Intelligence

Meta-Analyses on Working Memory Training for IQ and Working Memory

Default mode network

Cognitive Control Network