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JetBlue by Mind Map: JetBlue

1. Influencers

1.1. Danny Cox


1.2. Joanna Geraghty


1.2.2. EVP Customer Experience  (NYC)

1.3. Christopher McCloskey (NYC)

1.3.1. Director, Customer Experience


1.4. Liliana Petrova (NYC)


1.4.2. Director Customer Experience Programs

2. Social Stack

3. Newsworthy

3.1. Content Marketing Strategy


3.1.2. Inspiring Humanity

3.2. New Contact Center


3.2.2. Orlando, FL

4. Key Stakeholder

4.1. Laurie Meacham (Salt Lake)


4.1.2. Managing a cross-functional team of Customer Support Crewmembers that specialize in written correspondence. Managing social media strategy with a cross-departmental team including Marketing, Corporate Communications, Customer Insight and Customer Support. Overseeing performance and quality of social media engagement and other communications. Developing processes and efficiencies across the Customer Support department. Brent Devey Social Media Supervisor

4.2. FOCS Podcast


4.2.2. Some of the most quotable moments of this episode include: “If we’re doing it right, any interaction you have with a JetBlue crewmember will be very similar… our goal is to deliver a consistent experience.” “Our goal is to always know the answer or be able to find the answer.” “We’ve really infused our brand’s personality through social and that’s what differentiates us.” “We want you to be able to see who JetBlue is from looking through the @JetBlue Twitter feed.” “Listen to your customers… and be true to YOUR brand.”