Dualism vs Science

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Dualism vs Science by Mind Map: Dualism vs Science

1. Dualisists

1.1. Rene Descartes

1.1.1. Humans are reflexive and spontaneous = Choice

1.1.2. What is reality? "I can't doubt that I'm thinking" Matrix = Cartesian Having a body is unknown, having a mind is certain

1.2. Brain vs. Body = Material bodies vs immaterial minds

1.2.1. Believing mind is separated from body

1.3. Fiction & Language

1.3.1. Many people in 1 body I.E. - Exorcism

1.3.2. Resurrection

1.3.3. Survival & destruction of body

1.3.4. Language My body/leg/arm/eye etc.

1.3.5. Body transformation Witches turning people into animals or putting people's mind in the body of an animal

1.4. Science does not agree with Dualism

1.4.1. Science believe our brain is who we are

2. Problems with Dualism

2.1. Fails to explain learning

2.2. "how does body connect to soul/mind?"

2.3. Brain corresponds in intricate ways with mental life

2.3.1. Diseases

2.3.2. Brain Damage

2.3.3. Drugs

3. Science Believes

3.1. Science believe our brain is who we are

3.1.1. "Astonishing Hypothesis" "The mind is what the brain does." You = Pack of neurons = Brain The brain is mental life CATSCAN, MRI, etc. can show our activities and help you decipher what someone is thinking

3.1.2. Brain for Everything? Nope Vomiting Erection Limb Flexion from pain Sucking for newborns

4. Science Problems

4.1. "What is consciousness?"

4.2. Humanistic or mechanic conception of mental life? Or both?