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Mathematics by Mind Map: Mathematics

1. Functions

1.1. may be

1.1.1. added

1.1.2. subtracted

1.1.3. multiplied

1.1.4. divided resulting in a Rational Function

1.1.5. composed

1.1.6. evaluated to give a table of values

1.1.7. increasing,decreasing or constant

2. Basic Business Math

2.1. Money

2.1.1. may be borrowed as loans

2.1.2. may be invested in stocks or bonds

2.1.3. earns interest which may be Simple interest compound interest

2.1.4. may be invested or paid regularly in the form of Annuities which may be Simple annuity General Annuity

3. Logic

3.1. Proposition

3.1.1. has a Truth Value which can be determined by a Truth table Methods of Proof

3.1.2. Could be Simple Proposition Compound Proposition Could be a uses Propositional Connections

4. Exponential and logarithmic functions

4.1. are one to one functions with inverses

4.1.1. which may be evaluated to give a table of values used for graphing

4.2. Exponential functions

4.2.1. contains Exponential Expressions which may result to exponential equations exponential inequalities

4.3. Logarithmic functions

4.3.1. contains Logarithmic expressions which may result to logarithmic equations logarithmic inequalities