Lesson Planning

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Lesson Planning by Mind Map: Lesson Planning

1. Deefinition: The lesson plan is a framework for a lesson. which teacher create to guide them as a journey from the beginning to the end of a project.


2.1. The Importance of planning a Lesson: As a teacher, you need to know where to go with your class and what goals you want your students to know, with out a lesson plan the teacher can get lost during the class.

2.1.1. Professionalism

2.1.2. Student's Respect

2.1.3. Taylor's lessons material

2.1.4. Teacher consideration of the elements and ensures the elements of the curriculum (PIA)

2.1.5. Teacher can predict what problems he could have during the class

3. Parts of a Lesson Plan

3.1. Not every lesson plan looks alike, but all lesson plans share certain basic parts. This guide to LEARN NC’s lesson plan template explains what we are looking for in a lesson plan and how you can make your lesson plan as usable as possible to other teachers on the web

3.1.1. Formal lesson Plan The formal lesson plan is the type that teachers submit to colleges of education, or to administrators during the first-year teacher evaluation process. is said that these plans can take up a lot of time if they are done on a daily basis.  Because of this an informal plan is developed. Header Materials Needed Objectives Procedures Independent work Assessment Reflection

3.1.2. Informal Lesson Plan These plans are use for everyday classroom use. These can be written in a lesson planning book and/or on the board Objectives Procidure Homework