Music Production Company Timeline

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Music Production Company Timeline by Mind Map: Music Production Company Timeline

1. Step 1: Register Business (Local and State Government)

1.1. Timeframe: 1 month for complete process

1.1.1. Additional details: Register name online at: Or mail to: Office of Secretary of State, Corporations Division Name Reservation Request 2 Martin Luther King Jr. DR SE Suite 313 West Tower Atlanta, GA 30334 Budget Annual Registration filing fees $50.00

2. Step 2: Apply for Federal Tax ID and State and Local Taxes

2.1. Timeframe: 2 weeks

2.1.1. Federal Tax ID: Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online Georgia State Tax ID number Budget No Budget Cost: Apply for Federal Tax ID and State and Local Taxes

2.1.2. CEO and Partners

3. Step 3: Apply for Business License and Registration

3.1. Timeframe: 1 month for complete process

3.1.1. Apply for Business License and registration Time Frame: 1 month What You Should Know: • In some cities and counties, you'll first need to secure a state tax identification number, a trade name registration and zoning approval for your business location. Additionally, your business may also need to apply for corporate registrations, professional licenses or other special operating permits prior to application. • To find out more about business licensing in your area, you can visit your local Chamber of Commerce or development authority. • Visit the First Stop Business Information Center to learn more about starting a business and registering its trade name, fictitious name or Doing Business As (DBA) title. • Do I have to register each year? • Yes. You must file an Annual Registration each year. The Annual Registration period for entities registered with the Secretary of State is from January 1 – April 1 each year. Budget Cost $200 Annually

3.1.2. CEO and Partners

4. Step 4: Research Possible Locations

4.1. Timeframe: 2 months for completion

4.1.1. Contact a local commercial realtor. Compare prices and locations. Make sure its within monthly budget. Budget Desired location: Atlanta Downtown Size: 3000 Square Foot Cost: $10,000 Monthly

4.1.2. CEO and Partners

5. Step 5: Contact Entertainment Lawyer

5.1. Timeframe: 1 Month

5.1.1. Research possible selections based on pricing, experience and my personal needs. Budget Cost: $100 Consultation Fee

5.1.2. Interview possible canidates

5.1.3. CEO and Partners

6. Step 6: Social Media and Website

6.1. Timeframe: 2 Months

6.1.1. Website- Wordpress

6.1.2. Facebook

6.1.3. Twitter

6.1.4. Instagram

6.1.5. LinkedIn

6.1.6. Tumblr

6.1.7. Google

6.1.8. Marketing Team Responsibility

6.2. Budget

6.2.1. Marketing Manager $40 per hour $83,200 Annually

7. Step 7: Research Target Market

7.1. Timeframe: 2 Months

7.1.1. Choose specific demographics to target: Age Location Gender Income level Education level Marital or family status Occupation Ethnic background Budget Marketing Manager

7.1.2. Consider the psychographics of your target: Personality Attitudes Values Interests/hobbies Lifestyles Behavior

7.1.3. Marketing Team Responsibility

8. Step 8: Research Key Competition

8.1. Timeframe 2 months

8.1.1. Marketing Team Responsibility Research all Music Production companies in Atlanta and surrounding areas Compare and contrast advantages and disadvantages I plan on hiring one full-time Marketing Manager to complete all marketing tasks Budget

9. Step 9: PR and Marketing Plan

9.1. Timeframe 6 months

9.1.1. Marketing Team Responsibility Create solid marketing plan to increase profit Budget Create positive public relations throughout Atlanta

10. Step 10: Purchase Business Recording and Production Equipment

10.1. Timeframe 2 months

10.1.1. Finance and Accounting Team Compare latest and greatest recording equipment Get 3 prices quotes and comparisons for each purchase Budget CFO Approves all purchases

11. Step 11: Purchase Software

11.1. Timeframe 2 months

11.1.1. Finance and Accounting Team Compare latest and greatest software Get 3 price quotes All purchases approved by CFO Budget

12. Step 12: Create Sales and Pricing Sheet

12.1. Timeframe 2 months

12.1.1. Finance and Accounting Team Compare industry prices Create specials and packages Customer appreciation deals Return customer specials Budget

13. Step 14: Create Profit Projections

13.1. Timeframe 2 months

13.1.1. Finance and Accounting Team Create commission schedules Budget

14. Step 13: Create Monthly Expenses and Budget

14.1. Timeframe 2 months

14.1.1. Finance and Accounting Team Fixed and variable expenses Outstanding loans Return customer specials Budget Monthly salaries expectations

15. Step 15: Make a list of Key Industry Connections

15.1. Timeframe: 6 Months

15.1.1. Possible business partners

15.1.2. Key professional referrals Budget Marketing Manager Task No Additional cost

16. Step 16: Review Progress and reorganize

16.1. Timeframe: Monthly and Yearly

16.1.1. Every month company leaders meet to review progress and report successes, failures and ideas for implementation Budget No additional cost incurred Include CEO and Partner, Accounting Professional and Marketing Manager Hire one Full-time Accountant to complete all Accounting and finance functions. $70,000 Annually