GED670 - Course Concepts

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GED670 - Course Concepts by Mind Map: GED670 - Course Concepts

1. Week 1 - Why gamification matters in education

1.1. Introduction of PBL game/course project

1.2. Connecting gaming and learning

2. Week 2 - Creativity in education

2.1. How can we foster imagination and creativity in the classroom?

2.2. The role of failure in learning

3. Week 3 - Happiness and morale in education

3.1. What are the biggest factors contributing to one's happiness?

3.2. How happiness can be designed

4. Week 4 - Conditions of a healthy classroom

4.1. The degree of success of competition in classrooms

4.2. How success is defined

5. Week 5 - Motivation in the classroom

5.1. How motivation is best fostered

5.2. Rethinking motivation in our environment

6. Week 6 - Biology of learning

6.1. The structure of the brain is predisposed to learning by observation

6.2. How teachers can use understanding of the brain's chemistry to promote effective teaching

7. Week 7 - Effect of Perceptions on learning

7.1. How optimism can influence our perception of truth

7.2. The sustainability of creative education