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Music Industry by Mind Map: Music Industry

1. Artists/Bands

1.1. How does being in the industry affect the artist

1.1.1. mentally/physically/personally

2. Is there a "darker side" to the music industry?

2.1. scams/over controlling management/"trapping" artists

3. Artist's social media

3.1. do they have control over it?

3.1.1. are they told what to say/post

3.2. promoting yourself or your band

3.2.1. Crush management has been known to over promote the bands/artists on the bands/artists social media to the point where it annoys fans How much does Crush management control? Which artists/bands have Crush management taken control over? What are the bands and artists signed to Crush

4. Management

4.1. How big of a roll does management play?

4.1.1. Is the music/production actually the artists work? How much of what the artist says goes?

5. Labels

5.1. How long are main contracts?

5.2. how hard is it to break a contract?