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Movies by Mind Map: Movies

1. Genres

1.1. Action

1.1.1. HollyWood Super heros Marvel Dc Action Thrillers Jason Bourne James Bond

1.1.2. Indonesia The Raid Redemtion The Raid 2

1.2. Drama

1.2.1. Hollywood The Gift Midnight in Paris Steve Jobs

1.2.2. American Indie Documentarys The Dirties Why can hollywood make dramas as good or slightly less good then other movies Dogviller

1.3. Comedy

1.4. Horror

1.5. Sciecne Fiction

2. Rating system

2.1. Hidden bored members

2.2. G, PG, PG13, R, NC17

2.3. Sex is worse then violence

2.3.1. Why is sex more inappropriate then violence?

3. Locations

3.1. Hollywood

3.1.1. Same cookie cutter movies Why are many Hollywood movies the same?

3.2. Japan

3.2.1. Animation studios Studio Ghibli Hayao Miyazaki Isao Takahata Hiromasa Yonebayashi Studio Madhouse Satoshi Kon Why is Japans animation studios better then Hollywoods?

3.3. France

3.3.1. Le Chat de Rubban

3.3.2. The discreet charm of the boursasie

3.4. Indonesia

3.4.1. The Raid Redemtion The Raid 2