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Gun Control by Mind Map: Gun Control

1. Criminal's

1.1. Will tightening gun control laws stop criminals or decrease criminal activity?

1.2. how do the laws afffect them currently?

1.3. how to stop them

1.4. how they operate in relation to the law

2. How do the Presidential Candidates feel towards gun control?

2.1. Hillary Clinton's Opinion

2.1.1. Does she want to add/repeal gun control laws

2.1.2. Why does she feel that way

2.1.3. her views in relation to constituton

2.2. Donald Trump's Opinion

2.2.1. How does he feel

2.2.2. what is his reasoning

2.2.3. effect on gun owners

2.2.4. his views in relation to the constitution

3. Rights as an American Citizen

3.1. Constitution

3.2. protected by NRA

3.3. How do gun control laws affect our rights as an American Citizen?

4. Obama

4.1. Did he tighten gun control, or make the rules more relaxed?

4.2. What effect did he have?

4.3. effect in comparison to constitution

5. NRA

5.1. Who are the NRA and what is their goal?

5.2. Why they believe in the 2nd.

5.3. protect the constituional rights of all americans