Human Evolution

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Human Evolution by Mind Map: Human Evolution

1. where did we come from?

1.1. Apes?

1.1.1. how did we develop from monkeys to humans?

1.1.2. Is it a myth or a fact?

1.1.3. What Made us believe we came from this?

1.2. God?

1.2.1. Where did the belief that god made us come from?

1.2.2. Any proven facts that this is true?

1.3. Other animals?

1.3.1. Have we looked at any more animals that we could have developed from?

1.3.2. Have scientist continued research on this issue?

1.4. How did we come to be?

1.4.1. Any more theories?

2. The big bang theory?

2.1. how did humans come into play?

2.2. what about the animals that we possibly develop from?

3. where did the first humans appear?

3.1. How long did it take for us to develop overtime?

3.2. why are apes still here if we came from them?

3.3. did we change because of the environment we had to adapt to?

3.3.1. How did the environment play into human evolution? possibly physical development? could we have looked different if we had developed in a different environment?

4. what about traits we got from our ancestors?

4.1. any that proves where we came from?

4.2. why do we look so different then apes or other animals that we came from?

4.2.1. just hair on our heads?

4.2.2. light and dark skin? how did we change color of skin? why not all the same?

4.3. if we all came from apes then we do we all have different races?

4.3.1. how did we form into different races?

4.4. how did we come up with our language? why not talk like apes do?

4.4.1. how did we develop into our own languages?

4.5. what are proven facts that we came from apes?

4.5.1. how do we know or how do we prove this?