Video Games

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Video Games by Mind Map: Video Games

1. Problems

1.1. Physical

1.1.1. Exercise issues?

1.2. Mental

1.2.1. Good or bad for mental health?

1.2.2. Does it help people?

1.2.3. Bullying(Also goes to Physical)?

1.2.4. Depression?

1.2.5. Doctors and therapists view point?

2. Media

2.1. Why do people say video games are all bad?

2.2. Could video games be considered a type of art?

2.3. What is it's role in today society?

3. Community

3.1. Making friends?

3.2. Family?

3.2.1. Issues.

3.2.2. Bonding.

4. Economy

4.1. How much money does video games(in total) make?

4.2. How does this help the economy?

4.3. What jobs would be inspired by these games?

4.3.1. And how much money do they make?

4.3.2. How do they help are society?

4.4. The making of video games?

5. History

5.1. How did it influence the world?

5.1.1. or just America?

5.2. How were they created?

5.3. How are they influencing the world today?

6. People

6.1. Who influenced video games?

6.2. Who was the creater of them?