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Testing by Mind Map: Testing

1. ACT

1.1. Does it reflect on how teachers teach now days?

1.2. Does taking the ACT improve the way we regularly test or just the way we standardized test?

1.2.1. How does taking the ACT multiple times benefit our scores? Or does it harm our score? Hencing to one have a good score to just keep it instead of retaking it.

1.3. The ACT is bench marked with the different subjects like reading is 18, math is 19, and english is 20.

1.4. The highest score you can get is a 36

2. Practice ACT

2.1. Explore testing is a test that 8th graders take that is considered a practice ACT

2.1.1. How does this benefit students if they will not be forced to take the ACT until junior year?

2.2. The CERT is a test Kentucky students takes as a practice ACT as a freshman and sophomore students

2.3. the PLAN is a practice ACT for sophomore but has been removed

2.3.1. Why has it been removed? Didn't it benefit and prepare sophomores for the state wide ACT in junior year? Or was it just useless and a waste of time to students or did the CERT replace it?

3. Standardized Testing

3.1. The ACT

3.1.1. College prep exam to get into college

3.1.2. Benchmarks are set to pass the ACT

3.1.3. Many colleges accept students who have the composition score of 21 or higher

3.2. The Explore

3.3. MAP test

3.3.1. A standardized test to test students on their ability to learn and acts as a class organizer

3.4. AP exams

3.4.1. Students can only take the AP exam if they take the AP course

3.4.2. If students pass the AP exam, they can get college credits How many kids on average pass every AP exam? How many colleges in the state of Kentucky accepts AP college credits?

3.5. The CERT

3.6. Kprep

3.6.1. How does the Kprep (elementary and middle school standardized testing) benefit the way teachers teach to the young ones?

3.6.2. Does it influence kids the way it should? (to take all types of testing)

3.7. PLAN

3.8. EOC

3.8.1. End of Course assessment for classes: English 2, Algebra 2, Biology, and US history Should EOCs be in every class to reflect every class or should we continue to leave it up to teachers to make finals for their class?

3.8.2. Broke up into 2 sections, 45 minutes each

4. Regular Testing

4.1. Regular testing is a reflection on how the teacher teaches in the class

4.2. Does giving the kids an opportunity to listen to music help them focus more or less?

4.2.1. How does the influence of music benefit kids in school?

4.3. Does just regular testing and quizzing students stress them out more than regular standardized testing?

4.4. Can study the entire material compared to taking any standardized test