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Sleep by Mind Map: Sleep

1. How many hours does a person need to be fully awake throughout the whole day?

1.1. depends on their age.

1.2. everyones bodies are different and some people may need a bigger sugar intake

2. Location

2.1. Bed

2.2. Streets

2.3. Couch

2.4. Anywhere you can find

3. What is the normal amount of time it takes for someone to fall asleep?

3.1. nomally 10-20 minutes

3.2. could change if you are nocturnal or how long you slept for the night before

4. How many hours of sleep do you need a day?

4.1. 7-9 hours for adults

4.2. 7-8 hours for the elderly

4.3. teenagers need 9-10 hours

4.4. 10 hours for children

5. Can you sleep better if there is a full moon?

5.1. No, you have a harder time falling asleep.

6. Lack of sleep causes for bad mood, lacking of tasks

7. Why do babies sleep do much when they were just born?

8. napping

8.1. a time where you sleep for 30- to an hour to get a little rest but not fully fall asleep