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Volleyball by Mind Map: Volleyball

1. location at where you play

1.1. inside on gym floor

1.2. beach

1.3. on concrete

1.4. anywhere you may please

2. Different types

2.1. beach volleyball

2.2. competitive

2.3. for fun

3. both genders can play and all ages

4. in the olympics

4.1. first game in the olympics was in 1964

5. This sport started in 1895

6. was originally called "mintonette"

7. Has a special way  of  counting points

7.1. to win a game you have to get to 25

7.2. every play equals to 1 point

8. uses a round ball with lines in it

9. has to have a referee during the game like basketball and other sports do

9.1. has two line judges on each side also

10. professional sport

10.1. can play in college

10.2. can play nationally

10.3. in the olympics so you can win medals

11. How many people play?

11.1. you usually have 12 people on a team and only 6 people are on each side of the court

11.2. in beach volleyball most of the time you only have 2 players

12. positions

12.1. server

12.1.1. is always in the ! position on the court

12.2. passer

12.2.1. passes the ball to the setter

12.3. hitter

12.3.1. back row hitter

12.3.2. front row hitter

12.4. setter

12.4.1. sets the ball to another player so they can hit the ball to the opposing team

12.5. libero

12.5.1. only plays in the backrow and usually goes in for someone if they mess up