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Abortion by Mind Map: Abortion

1. Why did people get an abortion?

1.1. birth control failure

1.2. inability to care or support a child

1.2.1. not enough money

1.2.2. child would have a hard life

1.3. unwanted pregnancy

1.4. health conditions

1.4.1. Child has a birth defect

1.4.2. pregnancy could cause harm or death to the mother

1.5. pregnancy caused by rape

2. what happens during an abortion?

2.1. surgery

2.1.1. dialation and extraction 3rd trimester get medicine to induce labor and then the doctors use surgery to get rid of the baby.

2.1.2. dilation and evacuation dilation of the cervix then the doctor gives medicine to kill the baby and then they suction the parts that weren't done with the medicine

2.2. suction

2.2.1. doctor takes a vacuum like tool to suction the fetus and placenta

3. Pro-life

3.1. Adoption

3.2. Human development

3.2.1. life starts at conception

3.3. abortion should be illegal

4. Pro-choice

4.1. women have the right to choose

4.2. abortion should be legal

5. how do women feel after getting an abortion?

5.1. physically

5.1.1. Nausea

5.1.2. bleeding

5.1.3. pain

5.2. mentally

5.2.1. ashamed

5.2.2. regretful

5.2.3. embarrased

5.3. emotionally

5.3.1. guilt

5.3.2. grief

5.3.3. regret

5.3.4. anger