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Pollution by Mind Map: Pollution

1. Can be polluted by household garbage and industrial waste

1.1. What are some ways to reduce the amount of pollution

1.2. Be able to keep the world clean

2. Many different types of pollution

2.1. Such as land pollution, water pollution, air pollution noise pollution, and light pollution

3. Water pollution

3.1. most of the water pollution comes from land through sources such as run offs

3.2. What percentage comes from land/runoffs

4. Animals are killed every year by pollution

4.1. What is the number or percent of how many are killed per year

4.2. In what ways does it kill them

5. Makes environment unsafe and unsuitable to use

5.1. A lot of space that just gets wasted because of pollution and how it makes the enviroment

6. Affects more than 200 million people worldwide

6.1. How does it affect them

6.2. In what ways can they make it go away