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Cheerleading by Mind Map: Cheerleading

1. Appreciation of cheer vs other sports

1.1. Why do people dislike cheer so much?

1.2. People think cheerleaders are always popular and pretty

1.3. declared a sport but people say that it is not a sport

1.3.1. “Recognizing cheerleading as a sport may actually make the sport safer because they should then be given a designated space to practice,” Comstock said.

1.4. Been in schools since the 1960s

2. Cheerleading associations

2.1. UCA founded by Jeff Webb in 1974

2.1.1. grew into Varsity Spirit corporation

2.2. AACCA founded in 1987

2.2.1. first association dedicated to teaching safety to coaches and advisors

2.3. NCA

2.3.1. general manager (Jeff Webb)

3. All star cheerleading

3.1. started in the late 80s

3.1.1. focused on athletic training and competition performances

4. School competitive cheerleading

4.1. promote their schools and communites

5. school game cheerleading

5.1. promote school spirit and bring their community together

6. Injuries

6.1. how do cheer injuries relate to injuries in other sports?

6.2. 400,000 cheerleaders in the U.S. as of 2009 about 100,000 involved in school cheer

6.3. ranks 10 out of 20 on the list of concussions during cometition

7. Competitions

7.1. state

7.2. nationals

7.3. regionals

8. Scholorship opportunities

8.1. college scholorships

8.2. all american cheerleader

8.3. uca camp staff