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How to Be Successful by Mind Map: How to Be Successful

1. Planning for Success

1.1. 1.imagine you have a success ; The more clearly and accurately a success , the easier it will be for the rest of the person imagines it to go ahead . you create your own destiny , your own success.

1.2. 2.Find the purpose or goal of your life . Identify the things you like and do not , things that satisfy you . Find what you love to do , it gives a touch of motivation to the long road to your success.

1.3. 3.To succeed you must first know what it means for you. Everyone sees success in their own way and using the standard to another person that success is like eating lunch someone else and hope that this will love it. It sets clear objectives and realistic.

1.4. 4. In platitudes , in business you need to have much self-confidence to do things . However , some people think for good reasons, to reduce self-confidence makes people more successful , for the following reasons : Him down a little confidence in itself makes attention is paid to critical feedback and helps to be more self-critical ; ie autocuestionarse .

1.5. 5. If you do not know or you consider when going to achieve a goal through, then it is difficult to know whether it works or failed. Give yourself a timeline that is difficult but doable. time works to get things conclusions .

1.6. 6. Identifies things , your skills, necessary to achieve its objective materials ; in this case your success.

1.7. 7.The secret is to ask what you do not understand or figure it out on your own. better to be silly silly stay a moment that life.

1.8. 8.You can do everything but for all that there is a certain limit . do things ahead of time you beneficará

2. Methods

2.1. 1. Run your small goals , focusing on their main objective . just do not be afraid and take a chance .

2.2. 2. Distractions are good but not in its excessiveness . Take control of these

2.3. 3. Surround yourself with encouraging people ; so you can learn from them things that you were not aware .

2.4. 4. Success does not blow is constructed . learn to trust others; the key is mutual trust.

2.5. 5. Find a person with more experience than you. believe it or not you beneficara , something like a tutor.

2.6. 6. Gather as much information as possible. listen, watch , learn and question .

2.7. 7. Be not afraid of the numbers they also help solve problems and doubts.

2.8. 8. If you're going to risk Ask yourself why and how far .

2.9. 9. For more successful you are, you do not think you should stop autocuestinarse . asking questions so it solves many things.

2.10. 10. Use technology but with a certain limit can be a burden if you let it.

3. Other methods

3.1. 1. What 's define who you are is how you get up after falling . Do not give up. If your first attempt did not work , do not stop trying . Do not let failure define you .

3.2. 2. The sometimes life is very unfair but everything happens for a prposito . quiet, what does not kill you makes you stronger .

3.3. 3. Remember , success does not guarantee happiness . Many people make the mistake that if they achieve a certain thing , they'll be happier. Fulfillment and satisfaction have much more to do with the approach to life that what you do in life. Keep this in mind .

3.4. 4. Remove the fear and doubt in your mind. Concentrate on keeping a positive attitude in every situation. Fear not bring anything good .