Social Media Strategy

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Social Media Strategy by Mind Map: Social Media Strategy

1. What's working/Not Working

1.1. Working

1.1.1. SEO Keywords/Links/Blogs Increased # of candidates from Google Search source We are getting hires from Google Search source as well Linking with major SEO sites (The Muse/LI/Glassdoor) has achieved more traffic on careers site and more candidates

1.1.2. Career Arc (formerly TMJ) - distribution Facebook property pages allows us to distribute the jobs to more Venterra SM sites Added images and video links to CA's automated postings to Venterra's SM sites

1.1.3. Managers posting SM messages about open jobs i.e., Tampa-received three interviews from their PT BLC opening from Erin Caine posting on her SM sites

1.1.4. Talent Pool Hires Now more engaged with Venterra due to VSkinny subscriptions and connecting w/us via SM sites

1.2. Not Working

1.2.1. Yammer - Recruiting Groups Barely any responses, so decided to delete the group and submit information to Company All Still working-groups for the regions-Weekly Recruiting Updates

1.2.2. Facebook Ad Campaigns Still fairly new, but conferences have spoken highly of them-will start using again ASAP

1.2.3. Employee Engagement via their SM sites This will be a main focus in 2017

1.2.4. Recruiting via Instagram Per suggestion-best to focus on the two top popular SM sites of your Company Will concentrate on FB and LI and master those before moving on to another SM site

2. What we can do for rest of 2016

2.1. Conduct meeting with Robin Finney

2.1.1. Let her know of our SM vision & goals

2.1.2. Find out: is she overseeing the SM sites?  What is Marketing posting?  When will all properties have their own FB page (only 17 of them right now)?

2.1.3. Stress that content outside of Career site blogs needs to posted on our SM sites-can we make this happen? Don't want overlap of content

2.1.4. Can our Company FB push out content to IG?

2.2. Utilize VSkinny Yammer Group

2.2.1. Post content from Career Site Post related content to just CMs or MMs and encourage them to join VSkinny Yammer Group

2.3. Try out Google Ad Paid Campaigns

2.4. Restart using Facebook Ad Paid Campaigns

2.5. Update SM Recruiting section on Recruiting Intranet

2.5.1. Send out Yammer message or internal email about the benefits of SM recruiting and using the intranet section as a guide

2.6. Careers Site Changes

2.6.1. Adding Company Awards logos

2.6.2. Taking away Job Search page

2.6.3. Adding VSkinny Pop-Up

2.6.4. Start looking at CS analytics on a weekly basis See what viewers are most looking at & make adjustments to future content if needed

2.6.5. Change slogan, "Connect with Venterra" to something more catchy...use Hampton Inn Hotel elevator picture slogan as inspiration

2.7. Look into low cost CRM platforms

2.7.1. End of year project

2.8. Sharpen up Eastin's and Vanessa's  SM sites

2.8.1. Adding the award wins to our LI

2.8.2. Adding a more catchy summary to our FB , Twitter and LI pages

3. 2017 Plan

3.1. Venterra Ambassador Program

3.1.1. How? Create program for select group of employees to become Engagement Ambassadors for Venterra via their SM sites Goal is attract more quality candidates that will help fill our openings faster and decreasing turnover/increasing hiring success; also grow our Talent Pool Hopefully this selective list of employees will organically grow into more employees for the group! This will include creating a Yammer Group for the Ambassadors so we can post articles and other information that the Ambassadors can post on their SM sites.  Will also give them tips to posting, sharing and liking content on SM sites

3.2. Video Blogs

3.2.1. How? Use Power Director to create more professional/attractive blogs for CS viewers, SM sites and internal community

3.3. Fix "Share with a Friend" section

3.3.1. Pending correction by Taleo Oracle issue that has been back-burned

3.3.2. How? Will continue to f/u to get it fixed ASAP

3.4. X Ray Searches / Recruiting

3.4.1. How? Digging into and using Chrome extensions that help SM direct recruiting easier

3.5. RRoos Monthly Featured Glassdoor Review Blog

3.5.1. How? Create monthly blog that RRoos will send internally - addressing good and bad GD reviews of that month

3.6. Try out new SM applications

3.6.1. How? Look at Hootesuite Pro, RSS Speeder, Photofeeler,

3.7. Retry #ILoveVenterra Day

3.7.1. How? Get more employees involved by posting about Venterra on their SM sites - use Fun Committee

3.8. Nurture Talent Pool including Former EEs

3.8.1. How? Use new CRM platform - if we get one

3.8.2. How? Implement better ways to reach and engage our Talent Pool

3.9. Focus on Facebook and Linked In Accounts for SM

3.9.1. How? Post content outside normal Careers site info; have Venterra Ambassadors to always post content to FB and LI but don't restrict them from posting on their other sites; stay updated with new features of FB and LI

3.9.2. Want to master these two SM sites before moving on to others

3.10. Push for CMs to post on their property's FB page

3.10.1. How?  Collaborate with Markerting to encourage CMs to post what's going there, resident events, etc.  about their property. Similar to what they post on Yammer...they should post to their property's FB pages as well Marketing mentioned that all properties should have their own FB page by 2017