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Zoo by Mind Map: Zoo

1. Phase 1

1.1. Create a class topic web

1.2. Talk to parents or caregivers

1.3. Establish an inquiry question

1.4. Share memories about the zoo

1.5. Draw pictures of the zoo & animals

2. Phase 2

2.1. Field trip to the zoo

2.2. Visit from a zoo keeper

2.3. Collect historical & geographical      information about local zoo

2.4. Collect information about the zoo & animals

2.5. Explore & research a animal of interest

2.6. Create a wall display of the investigation

2.7. Read books about the zoo & zoo animals

2.8. Gather objects related to the zoo e.g. map, souvenirs

3. Phase 3

3.1. Photos, video & timeline of children's inquiry experience

3.2. Present investigation to families

3.3. Children tell stories of what they have discovered

3.4. Wall display of what children have learnt

3.5. Art and craft activities children have done relating to the topic e.g. painting, drawing

3.6. Dramatic play stations to represent learning through play