How to create mindmapp

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How to create mindmapp by Mind Map: How to create mindmapp

1. Share it

1.1. when you finish share it your with study buddies

1.1.1. this will help you to get a refresh perspective

2. Go deeper

2.1. every node on a mindmap could be its own mindmap

3. Don't take sides

3.1. embrace both sides of your brain

3.1.1. the creative

3.1.2. the analytical

4. Break the 'on the page'mantality

4.1. your brain is not confined to one page

4.1.1. so your mindmaps souldn't be either

5. Nobody's perfect

5.1. don't focus on perfection

5.2. tidy up latter

5.3. let your ideas explode

6. use colour

6.1. group your ideas and thoughts by colours