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Boating by Mind Map: Boating

1. Find a beach

1.1. find a sandy beach

1.2. cruise and enjoy

1.3. ease up to beach

1.4. bring motor up

1.5. ease onto shore

1.6. anchor

1.7. break out lunch and enjoy

2. Launch

2.1. Load and secure items in boat

2.2. Pay fee

2.3. Ease into lake

2.4. moor boat

2.5. Park trailer

2.6. Motor down

2.7. Start engine

2.8. unmoor

2.9. back away from dock

2.10. check jackets, suntan lotion, secure items

2.11. put on sunscreen while the engine warms

3. Watch weather

3.1. Look for clouds piling up

3.2. Look for darkening sky

3.3. Head home before it arrives

3.3.1. If not, life jackets

3.3.2. secure items

3.3.3. listen to the captain

3.3.4. prepare for a rough ride pounding waves pelting rain breaking white caps blurry window thudding boat on waves spraying water

4. Get Ready

4.1. life jackets

4.2. license and tabs

4.3. gas

4.4. plug

4.5. lunch