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Youth by Mind Map: Youth

1. Where? (Youths in different countries)

1.1. Developed countries

1.1.1. Singapore

1.1.2. USA

1.1.3. Korea

1.2. Developing countries

1.2.1. India

1.2.2. Thailand

1.2.3. Cambodia

1.2.4. Myanmar

1.2.5. China

2. What? (Activities)

2.1. Positive

2.1.1. study learn new skills writing and reading skills communication skills

2.1.2. Play sports get closer with their friends learn new skills sportsmanship

2.1.3. Pick up new hobbies social cause volunteerism Arts Dance Singing Drama Sports Volleyball Netball Table tennis Basketball Swimming

2.2. Negative

2.2.1. Bullying Cyber bullying Physical bullying Verbal bullying

2.2.2. Addiction drug addict game addict

2.2.3. Youth crimes Shoplifting Scams

3. How? (What do people say about youth?)

3.1. Positive

3.1.1. Prevention of further crimes Youth Development Education

3.1.2. Passionate in learning Hopes and dreams attend lessons to learn their interests

3.2. Negative

3.2.1. Impatient Crimes Socially rejected by people never think before they act

3.2.2. uncourteous rude to parents ignore others when others are talking using phone most of the time

3.2.3. Inconsiderate fail to give up seats to those who are in need being a nuisance in the public littering

3.2.4. procrastination hand up assignments late Do things last minute late

4. Who? (in contact with youths)

4.1. School

4.1.1. Teachers

4.1.2. Classmates

4.1.3. Friends

4.2. At home

4.2.1. Parents

4.2.2. Siblings

4.2.3. Grandparents

4.2.4. Other relatives

5. Quotes on Youths

5.1. "Youth never disappears, for it is still in harmony with the Divine." -Alexandre Dumas

5.2. Youth is the best time to be rich and the best time to be poor - Euripides

5.3. Almost everything that is great has been done by youth - Benjamin Disraeli

5.4. Keep true to the dreams of your youth  - Friedrich Schiller

5.5. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow - Nelson Mandela

5.6. Youth has no age - Pablo Picasso

5.7. Enjoy your youth because you will never be younger than you are at this moment - The fresh quotes

6. Statistics

6.1. There is a positive correlation between poor youth employment outcomes and inequality. Rising youth unemployment in recent years has increased inequality (measured by the Gini coefficient) by 4 percentage points in all advanced countries and by as much as 8 percentage points in Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

6.2. According to national CDC statistics, cigarette smoking among high school students is at the lowest level in 22 years. The rate was cut almost in half, leaving just 15.7 percent of teens smoking in 2013.

6.3. Recreational use of prescription pain relievers continue a three year decline, part of an overall two-decade trend. The number of high school kids using was 33% lower than a decade ago, according to a recently released national survey, Monitoring the Future. The survey noted that marijuana use remained stable, even with the increase of states allowing recreational use.