Presentation plan (Sparkline)

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Presentation plan (Sparkline) by Mind Map: Presentation plan (Sparkline)

1. Audience

1.1. Gamers

1.1.1. Casual, hardcore

1.1.2. Males/females, age 17+

1.2. Geeks/Nerds

1.3. Big name game companies

1.3.1. Bethesda, Bioware, Obsidian, EA, Activision, Blizzard, Volition, Epic Games, Bungie, Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studios, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Square Enix

1.4. Take away (S.T.A.R)

1.4.1. Go home and game, have fun with it, appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to make games

1.5. Media artists, media enthusiasts

1.5.1. Game artists, music producers, game designers, game programmers, etc

2. Tools


2.1.1. Create my presentation

2.1.2. Animoto is a very well designed online program for building presentations and will exude the exact look and feel I want my presentation to have since I am pursuing Game Design

2.2. Microsoft word

2.2.1. Write scripting

2.2.2. Microsoft word has never let me down in the past for writing (I'm a writer and have been writing a fantasy series for almost 7 years now) and so I know the ins and outs of the program

2.3. Laptop microphone

2.3.1. Record my narration for presentation

2.3.2. It is the only software/hardware I have available to record my voice besides my phone

3. Ideas

3.1. Beginning

3.1.1. Start with a small story of what got me into gaming and choosing the gaming industry as my career path Use relevant pictures to go alongside the narration

3.2. Middle

3.2.1. Talk about the gaming industry a bit and a little about myself and what influences me to pursue this career path Use relevant pictures for each idea talked about in my presentation Family, friends, role models, etc

3.2.2. Talk about my idea for how I'm going to slowly build a game as I learn the mechanics of Game Design and have it ready and released by the time I achieve my degree Show the audience the concepts I have for my game titled Paranormbrawl, a side-scrolling beat-em-up

3.3. End

3.3.1. Conclude my presentation with a call to action, Have the audience convinced I am dedicated to this career path and achieving this degree so I can make my many game ideas a reality Beckon the call to game Convince/remind the audience why gaming is the number one consumed form of media in the world and will continue to be for the foreseeable future

4. Education

4.1. Game Design Bachelors

4.2. Game Design Masters

4.2.1. After I obtain my Bachelors

5. Obstacles

5.1. Creating an efficient presentation to demonstrate my view on gaming and its influence on me

5.1.1. Overcoming the hurdle Work diligently to create the best presentation I can for a good grade and to have something of higher quality to present to my audience

5.2. My audience may not see things the same way as I and may not be swayed to the glory of gaming due to their beliefs and or biases

5.2.1. Overcoming the hurdle Demonstrate to them some solid facts as to why gaming is positive and why it is the number one growing industry in the entire world

5.3. Other Game Designers may conflict with my presentation on a competitive level and so will not be swayed

5.3.1. Overcoming the hurdle Explain to my audience that I am not here to compete with them for a career, but would much rather work alongside them so we all achieve what we are pursuing

6. Things to consider throughout my presentation

6.1. Following the principles of HAIL

6.2. Tone of voice

6.2.1. Resonate passion and confidence to my audience

6.3. Awkward pauses

6.4. Using the word "um" or "uh"

6.5. Not to talk about me too much