Standards and Objectives of Two ELL Programs

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Standards and Objectives of Two ELL Programs by Mind Map: Standards and Objectives of Two ELL Programs

1. Content-Based English as a Second Language Program

1.1. Instruction of academic content is in English

1.2. Teacher

1.2.1. Primary teacher is content-certified

1.2.2. ESL teacher supports ELL student Pull-out Student leaves the classroom for one on one or small group ELL teaching with focus on English language proficiency work Teach specific background information to scaffold teaching in classroom specific to content Push-in/inclusion ESL teacher joins the classroom for one on one or small group ELL support Reteach using simpler language and slower pace where needed Adjust assignment as needed to allow the student to succeed in their academic objective

1.3. Ell student is mainstreamed with native speakers most of the school day

2. Sheltered Content Program

2.1. Primary classroom teacher is a dually certified teacher who holds licenses both in ESL and in the content or a content-certified teacher who has completed ESL instruction professional training

2.1.1. Follows SIOP  Protocol for all lessons

2.1.2. Preparation Language objectives align to state/local standards Incorporate supplemental materials to assist ELLs

2.1.3. Building Background Link new content to students' background, experience and prior learning Emphasize key vocabulary specific to content Help student make explicit connections to personalize new word learning

2.1.4. Comprehensible input Speak clearly and slowly Use visuals, hands-on resources and graphic organizers Provide examples and descriptions instead of definitions Use repetition/redundancy Use texts at different proficiency levels

2.1.5. Learning strategies model and scaffold for metacognitive, cognitive, and affective strategies Allow time for repeated practice

2.1.6. Interactions Frequent pair and small group activities around meaningful tasks Model and discuss ways of communicating respect Assign tasks requiring turn-taking, questioning, support/disagreeing and clarification

2.1.7. Practice and application Provide opportunities for student to practice new content knowledge Create activities that require students to read, write, listen and speak

2.1.8. Lesson delivery Keep pace challenging, but doable Communicate content and language objectives

2.1.9. Review/assessment Conferences, Take-home reflections, learning log, graphic organizers Cloze exercises: exercise or test with certain words removed from a passage and included in a wordbank.  Student chooses best match of wordbank words to blanks

2.2. Instruction of academic content is in English

2.3. No other ESL services are offered with this program

2.4. Student is with other ELL students most of the day