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NNI by Mind Map: NNI

1. methods

1.1. total reorganization of the education system

1.1.1. cause the discrepancy the new tasks

1.1.2. goal raise the level of education of young generation

1.1.3. method education should be built around nanotechnology the teaching of physics, chemistry and biology in harmonious the complex the teaching of the social sciences as propaganda of nanotechnology

1.2. expanded preparation a young specialists at University in the new programs

1.3. the opening of training courses

1.4. granting huge number of grants

1.4.1. whom academic organizations small businesses non-profit organizations

1.5. creation

1.5.1. nanotech centers in universities within the country

1.5.2. National Nanotechnology nets National Nanotechnology Net (NNN) - a set of enterprises of various organizational and legal forms

2. definition

2.1. interaction program

2.1.1. between anyone interested organizations

2.1.2. is doing what supports research development developing the infrastructure for whom which also includes nanotechnology commercialization implement where that

3. main goal

3.1. strengthen American competitiveness in nanotechnology

3.1.1. goal of the second level realization of a world-class nanotechnology research program methods of realization speeding up the transfer new technologies into production for the commercial and social benefits methods of realization the development of educational resources, human capital, appropriate infrastructure methods of realization Provide the responsible development of nanotechnology (see of the potential risks) methods of realization

4. organizational basis

4.1. program directions

4.1.1. types education and social effects environment, health and security increase of the adsorption potential nanofabrication nanometrology and standards for nanotechnology nanoinstruments and nanosystems nanomaterials the basics of nanoalloy and nanoprocesses