Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines

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Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines by Mind Map: Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines


1.1. 1. Hotels / Resorts

1.1.1. a. Individual Hotels / Resorts

1.1.2. b. National Hotel Chain / Condotels

1.1.3. c. Corporate registration for one holding company

1.2. 2. Restaurants

1.2.1. a. Casual Dining

1.2.2. b. Quick Service

1.2.3. c. Quick Service  Fast Food Establishments

1.2.4. d. Catering & Special Services

1.3. 3. Provincial Chapters

1.4. 4. Associate

1.5. 5. Affiliate

1.6. 6. Allied Members

1.7. 7. Individual Members

1.8. 8. Hospitality Students


2.1. A non-stock, non-profit organization; an umbrella organization of hotels and restaurants that speaks for the Philippine hospitality organization.


3.1. To upgrade the caliber of the local hospitality industry by improving management, skills, personnel services, and overall standards while keeping abreast, of trends and developments abroad.


4.1. To take the lead role as the single voice organization, representing the Philippine private business sector in the hotel & restaurant industry

4.2. To undertake programs and projects that will upgrade, and professionalize the industry

4.3. To promote unity and cooperation among those in the industry and other entities engaged in tourism, in order to protect the interest and welfare of the industry

4.4. To encourage and foster high ethical standards in business resulting in fair and honest competition.

4.5. To provide industry representation in matters of government regulatory policies/laws/rules affecting the industry.

4.6. To exercise dynamic leadership in promoting goodwill, understanding, fellowship within the hospitality industry both national and international.


5.1. 1. Education

5.1.1. The HRAP plans and undertakes projects geared toward vocational training and manpower development along skills required by the hospitality industry.

5.2. 2. Environment

5.2.1. HRAP has endorsed the IH&RA-initiated "environmental action pack" for hotel properties. HRAP has also initiated environment circles nationwide via its EMRO (Environmental management Manual for Restaurant Operators) project.

5.3. 3. Safety & Security

5.3.1. HRAP, continues to lobby in favor of greater recognition of the security of the traveling public and demand for measures to maximize traveler safety from the government.

5.4. 4. Information Techonology

5.4.1. HRAP conducts seminars, workshops and training programs to ensure the proper implementation / dissemination of new technology and procedures.

5.5. 5. Legislation / Government Liaison

5.5.1. HRAP maintains high level dialogues with national policy-making bodies to promote your interests. We constantly monitor legislation coming from both the Senate and the Congress. HRAP actively resists attempts to impose regulations on the industry whenever these run contrary to hotel and restaurant interests.