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STEM by Mind Map: STEM

1. MATH 1

1.1. I learned about linear and quadratic functions, how to graph inverse functions and solving logarithms. I also learned how to locate a graph and solving the different functions.

2. SOC SCI 2

2.1. I have learned about the main branches of philosophy, the history of philosophy and the great philosophers that greatly contributed to today's philosophies. I have learned about the nature of man as corporeal being with a material body.

3. H.O.P.E

3.1. I have learned about the aerobic system and the two anaerobic system. I also have learned basic fun facts about physical education and health, and learn about the ways to prevent diseases and to have a healthy life style.

4. EM TECH 1

4.1. I have learned how to use photoshop to edit photos, prezi to create my presentations, wix to create different kinds of websites, excel to solve grades and now, mindmeister to create virtual mind maps.


5.1. I have learned about oral communication in context, the different elements in communication, the different communication processes and communication styles. I have also learned about intercultural communication and speech context. i also have learned about the types of communicative strategy and speech styles.


6.1. Natutunan ko ang kahulugan at kahalagahan ng wika, at ang kasaysayan ng ating wikang pambansa. Natutunan ko rin ang iba't ibang gamit at tungkulin ng wika.


7.1. I have learned about the origin of the universe and the solar system, the system and subsystems of the Earth, the different kinds of rocks and their formations. I also learned about the characteristics and of rocks, the renewable and non-renewable energy resources of the Earth, the conservation of soil and water and pollution and ways to prevent it.

8. STEM 1

8.1. This is also my pre-calculus subject. I have learned about the four conic sections, sigma notation and eliminating and substituting linear and quadratic equations.