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Technology by Mind Map: Technology

1. Original Thoughts

1.1. Physically

1.1.1. Before starting this course and doing the readings I thought of technology as just the electronics that we use daily. The phones we all have, our laptops we all use for school.

1.2. Meaning

1.2.1. Personally I thought the meaning of technology was the things that people had created, that were deemed "high tech", or advanced. Not necessarily electronics, but things that were invented and created with a purpose.

1.3. Everyday Life

1.3.1. When I think of technology in everyday life I think of  social media sites, emojis, and things that are mostly related with our phones. This is probably because it is the most used electronic device by everyone.

2. Things I've learned after readings and videos

2.1. Technology greatly increased survival rate. Even the first hunters had basic technology that allowed them to live.

2.2. Technology has had a HUGE impact on the world. both positive and negative. Whoever has technology, has power. From climate change, to human population growth, everything can be traced back to tech. (Kevin Kelly, 2010)

3. Technology As:

3.1. Hardware

3.1.1. "These are basically things do not occur “naturally”. “technology” could be a clock, a shovel, a laptop, a belt, a thermometer" (Dyer, 2009)

3.2. Manufacturing

3.2.1. This conception of technology was largely non-existent before the Industrial Revolution. Its not just the physical objects we make, it also includes the process and the people involved in making them. (Dyer, 2009)

3.3. Methodology

3.3.1. This usage of technology does not refer to a physical product, but the routines, methods, and skills used to make modern hardware. Also includes consulting firms, who make billions of dollars streamlining processes. (Dyer, 2009)

3.4. Social Usage

3.4.1. It is the top level of how we as a society use technology. This is like the operating system on top of the hardware. It is how people interact with the other forms of technology, just as you are able to access the motherboard and other components of your computer through your OS.

4. References

4.1. Kelly, K (Feb, 2010) Kevin Kelly: Technology's epic story. Retrieved from:

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5. How I View Technology Now

5.1. Now I realize technology is much more than what I originally thought of. Originally I thought of technology as just the hardware. After reading and watching the videos, I see that technology is such a broad term. Not only does it include the hardware, but also the processes and the people involved.

5.2. Technology is everything that people have made. This includes very simple tools from the first hunters, to the cutting edge medical equipment, and the phones we use every day. Many jobs have been created because of the change in technology as well. Analysts, programmers, even factory workers (who most people don't see as a technology field) had their jobs originally created because of the progression of technology.