Global Homogenization: International Benchmarking

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Global Homogenization: International Benchmarking by Mind Map: Global Homogenization: International Benchmarking

1. Ken Robinson

1.1. Creativity is something we are born with. We don't grow into Creativity, but we grow out of it. We are educated out of it.

1.2. As children grow we begin to educate them from the waist up. Then only their heads.

1.3. Students are pulled away from their interests because they are told they will never get a job doing those things.

1.4. Intelligence is diverse!

1.5. We need to educate the full being of students for the future.

2. National Governor's Association

2.1. Common Core provides clear understanding of what students are expected to learn.

2.2. High stakes testing for Core Subjects

2.3. Emphasis on increasing PISA Scores

3. Yong Zhao

3.1. China is the World Leader in International Benchmarking

3.1.1. BUT China does not do well in Entrepreneurial  skills, Creativity,  or in Confidence

3.2. America does poorly in International Benchmarking

3.2.1. BUT America does very well with Entrepreneurial skills, Creativity,  and Confidence

3.3. Creativity cannot be taught, but it can be killed.

3.3.1. American schools do not teach creativity better than other schools, they kill it less successfully than other schools.

3.4. We need to change our focus from employment oriented education to Entrepreneurial oriented education.

3.4.1. Entrepreneurial Qualities: Confidence Friends Creativity Risk Taking Motivation Passion

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