The consequences of obesity in America

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The consequences of obesity in America by Mind Map: The consequences of obesity in America

1. school

1.1. The schools would combine the other schools actual situation, work with all the teachers and students and parents to do the propaganda activities, guide students to establish scientific way of life and good eating behavior

1.1.1. The schools would combine the other schools actual situation, work with all the teachers and students and parents to do the propaganda activities, guide students to establish scientific way of life and good eating behavior

1.2. Additional categories of health food in school vending machines, cancel unhealthy and high quantity of heat food.

1.3. Strengthen the management of student nutritious lunch, to carry out the dietary nutrition education

1.4. make students understand more knowledge about what is the healthy food and junk food, guiding students how to choose healthy food

1.5. To do a good job of propaganda of parents, let parents urged students away from junk food at the same time

1.6. Strengthen the communication with streets and the ministry of commerce and industry, through the law enforcement departments to ban junk food Restaurant around the campus.

1.7. To ensure that the students physical exercise an hour every day, make full use of their spare time, change the rich content, let the students enthusiasm and interest

1.8. Regular games, improve the effect of activity

1.9. Create an environment of sports for students

1.10. To improve the appearance of the school stairs and security,  encouraged students to take the stairs every day

1.11. School would started some fitness exercise interest class, improve the enthusiasm of students participate in sports

1.12. Limit the use of computers and TV students, to cooperate with parents, strengthen communication and feedback

2. society

2.1. Nutrition: Strategies and Resources

2.1.1. Initiatives to increase access to healthier foods and beverages in retail venues can improve existing stores, encourage placement of new stores.

2.1.2. improve transportation access to healthier food retailers or implement comprehensive in-store markets and promotion.

2.1.3. Provide access to farmers markets, They may be set up in community locations, health clinics, places of worship, schools, hospitals, they can create regionally grown items and fresh produce.

2.1.4. Promote Adoption of the Food Service Guidelines and Other Nutrition Standards. Promote Adoption of the Food Service Guidelines and Other Nutrition Standards

2.1.5. guidelines for organizations or programs to help create healthy eating and drinking environments in government-managed cafeterias, also includ snack bars, and vending machines.

2.2. Physical Activity: Strategies and Resources

2.2.1. Providing and promoting places for people to be physically active may increase public use of those facilities as well as would help peoples improve physical activity levels.

2.2.2. they can make informational outreach such as directed promotion to target audiences.

2.2.3. Design street and communities for physical activity

2.2.4. Implement Physical Activity in Early Care and Education

2.3. Breastfeeding: Strategies and Resources

2.3.1. Support for breastfeeding is needed in many different arenas including hospitals and birth centers, worksites, and communities.

2.3.2. Provide access to professional and peer support for breastfeeding

3. shopping centre

3.1. The supermarket should put health food prominent place Guide consumers a healthy diet

3.2. The low card drink as much as possible, a large number of water are placed at eye level which consumers would come into contact with the shelves

3.3. The skim or lowfat milk on the left-hand side, because consumers tend to look to the left first.

3.4. These stores might not yet have found a design that makes kale irresistible to kids, but greater focus on produce and swapping around items

3.5. Supermarkets can annotate vegetables nutrition information, and advocate the consumer how to cook

4. family

4.1. Planning Tips

4.1.1. Make shopping list based on how many meals you'll eat at home or you eat out this week

4.1.2. Plan meals for the week before go shopping and buy only the things needed for those meals.

4.1.3. Include quantities on your shopping list noting how many meals you'll make with each item to avoid overbuying.

4.2. Family interaction

4.2.1. Parents to establish a good example

4.2.2. Actively planning health way of life

4.2.3. Lead the gym, go to the gym or outdoors, need to know how to interact with their children

4.2.4. To know something about family meals, give family more nutrients

4.2.5. For children and their create the healthy eating plan

4.2.6. Let the child develop the benefits of a healthy diet

4.2.7. A healthy diet during pregnancy, maintain the sports activities and appropriate gain weight

4.2.8. When the children choose healthy food, such as fruit or yogurt at the same time as you can praise them

4.2.9. In physical exercise, use encourage sentences to make children feel excited

4.3. Campus Life

4.3.1. To know more about the school breakfast and lunch programs. To understand the details of diet options.

4.3.2. Support the creation of school physical education and sports activities after school.

4.3.3. Exchange with other parents to look after children when they play outside.

4.4. The family education

4.4.1. Tell them how do the media by famous stars and cartoon characters and imaginary pictures to sell their products and values.

4.4.2. Don't put the screen time to children as reward

4.4.3. The whole family a dinner. Don't eat in front of the screen.

4.4.4. Limit TV time, take away children bedroom TV.

5. Food Processing

5.1. Control the packing weight

5.2. Sugar content will be marked

5.3. Join The declaration of the European Union

5.4. quality (composition, sensory properties, calorie density, and variety)

5.5. quantity (packaging and serving sizes)

5.6. The short- and long-term price of food, as well as the type of pricing (eg, a straight price cut or quantity discount), can influence how much people purchase and eventually consume.

5.7. 2) Marketing communications, including advertising, promotion, branding, nutrition, and health claims, can influence a consumer's expectations of the sensory and non-sensory benefits of the food.

5.8. 4) The eating environment, including the availability, salience, and convenience of food, can be altered by marketers.

6. regionalism

6.1. The medical community has launched a community based obesity prevention program

6.2. Increase availability of healthier food and beverage choices in public service venues

6.3. Improve availability of affordable healthier food and beverage choices in public service venues

6.4. Improve geographic availability of supermarkets in underserved areas

6.5. Provide incentives to food retailers to locate in and offer healthier food and beverage  choices in underserved areas

6.6. Improve availability of mechanisms for purchasing foods from farms

6.7. Provide incentives for the production, distribution, and procurement of foods from local farms

6.8. Restrict availability of less healthy foods and beverages in public service venues

6.9. Institute smaller portion size options in public service venues

6.10. Limit advertisements of less healthy foods and beverages

6.11. Discourage consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages

6.12. Improve access to outdoor recreational facilities

6.13. Enhance infrastructure supporting bicycling

6.14. Enhance infrastructure supporting walking

6.15. Support locating schools within easy walking distance of residential areas

6.16. Improve access to public transportation

6.17. Zone for mixed-use development

6.18. Enhance personal safety in areas where persons are or could be physically active

6.19. Enhance traffic safety in areas where persons are or could be physically active

6.20. Participate in community coalitions or partnerships to address obesity