My Learning Experiences Timeline

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My Learning Experiences Timeline by Mind Map: My Learning Experiences Timeline

1. Formal

1.1. Peer Tutoring

1.1.1. In high school they offered a course called peer tutoring where I would be placed in a grade 9 classroom and work as the extra support staff in the room. I was lucky enough to work with a amazingly dedicated, caring and passionate teacher that I still keep in contact with and appreciate the opportunities she gave me. I learned that it's harder than it looks to teach a class with such varying capabilities and specialities. This class had 13 students with IEP'S. A daunting number of students with specialized learning programs for her to handle herself. I learned a lot about how students learn differently and how important support staff & students like my self were valuable and helpful in the classroom. It was a different experience with a lot of challenges, but it helped me step out of my comfort zone and reach out to students in need. I learned some phrasing tactics, discipline tactics and overall how to speak respectfully and efficiently to students.

1.2. Highschool

1.2.1. Highschool in general was a fun, informative and life changing four years. I realized who I wanted to be walking into a new setting and what I wanted out of the new experience and I also learned that you don't have to be anyone's enemy, but you also don't have to everyones best friend.

1.3. Summer Company

1.3.1. In the summer of grade 9 I participated in a program that allowed me to start my own company, It was called "Clark's Baked Good's"  and I made cupcakes, cookies & squares. I was a great learning opportunity to learn how to manage money and go into more depth on business. I learned different learning strategies and communication skills.

1.4. Teachers

1.4.1. I had some teachers that were so helpful, caring and dedicated to my learning even more than me sometimes, but then I also had teachers that would get very angry when you didn't understand something, be unhelpful and tell you to fend for yourself. I appreciate both sets of teachers because thy both taught me something. Good teachers pushed me to become a better me and helped me along the way and the other teachers made me seek clarity from other sources and become more independent.

2. Personal

2.1. Friendships

2.1.1. I remember walking into grade 9 geography thinking sweet I know someone in this class, then came the good old seating plan. My heart sank. Little did I know that the girl I was going to be paired with would soon be my rock through high school. I learned that you can judge a book by it's cover and you can't focus on popularity or what others think of this individual. People realized in grade 12 how awesome Emma was, unfortunate for them right when they were leaving. Some friends will come and go, but true friendships and relationships you fight for. You have to realize your own self worth because if not you truly can not love anyone else until you learn to love yourself. Self worth is an important aspect in healthy relationships and the friends that I have right now care about my mental well being, care about my interests and hobbies, and love me for who I am, not who I pretend to be.

2.2. My Grandpa

2.2.1. On May 10th 2014 my grandfather passed away in hospital due to old age. My grandpa was a strong minded, heavy hearted and caring man. When he passed away I was devastated. In my grandpa's eyes I was his little straight A, crazy cat lady, perfect granddaughter. It was always refreshing to go see him because no matter what stupid thing I did, he always saw the good in me. I had to learn to let go of him in a way I never had felt or dealt with before. I learned that death was bitter-sweet. We knew he was going to die before he did and we visited him lots. I saw more than my sick grandpa; I saw a fighter. I watched someone who didn't need to be strong for us, show us the strongest side of him. That's the "sweet" part about death. When someone is looking death straight in the eyes they become someone so strong, so inspirational and so dedicated to their family and friends. The memories are always "sweet" as well. The bitter part is that there isn't a day I don't think about him. His smile, his charm and his constant support. I wouldn't trade any of the days I had with him for the days that I won't because I am thankful and blessed to have had a man like him in my life. I learned how to deal with grief in many ways and how to push forward on those days you don't want to get out of bed because he would have told me to get my ass up. I learned a lot about myself and a lot about missing someone. I used to say "I miss you" as something to fill the space on my screen or just because it was socially acceptable. Now, I mean it when I say it because I know the feeling of missing someone when there's no longer the opportunity to see them anymore. Also, I learned to remind everyone you love that you love them, because tomorrow is never a promise or right.

2.3. Family

2.3.1. My family is very close. I learned to really value the time I have with them and learned the importance of a close net personal support group. Also, I learned that family isn't always blood relations. It's who's there to support you and always there to give a helping hand.

2.4. Cancer

2.4.1. This past year cancer has touched my friends lives. My friend lost her father to brain cancer in January and two family/work friends of mine have been recently diagnosed. It really makes me realize how our time can be limited. You never know when that could be your best friend, family member or someone you haven't talked to in a while. I learned to take advantage of everyday we have together and never let the fear of seeing someone again stop you from telling them how you feel. You never know when it will be too late. I learned how much I care about individuals and how quickly things can change.

3. Informal

3.1. Horseback riding

3.1.1. Every since I was 5 years old I have been riding & showing horses. I started on a lower level and built my way up to qualifying for world's and being top 5 and 10 in my division in the world in 2014. Horses, my parents used to say was just a way to keep us kids off the streets, but it to me is truly a passion. I have own and shown multiple horses that helped me learn a lot of persistence, patience and communication. Not every horse is the same and sometimes the bad rides make good ones. Horses have also taught me to be a life long learner. I got the opportunity to work with a variety of judges from all over this summer and gained some valuable tips and guidance on how to become a better rider. You may  be "the best", but you can always improve on what you did yesterday to make a better tomorrow. Snuffy

3.2. Living on a farm

3.2.1. After listening to the discussions in class regarding how a lot of my classmates do not eat red meat, I thought this would be interesting to include. I have lived on a farm my whole life. We have horses, beef cattle, chickens, turkeys & of coarse a lot of cats. I have lived in a environment in which it is completely normal to eat meat. I am an animal lover of coarse, but that doesn't mean I do not eat steak or chicken. Living on a farm has taught me hard work, compassion and acceptance. I think a common misconception is that farmers are heartless. But when your in a mow for hours moving hay for these animals, its hard work and we wouldn't just do it for the money, its for the animals well being. I have seen a lot of animals come and go in my life and as a family we have to decide when the animal has been in enough pain and suffered enough. You have to learn to accept that not everything can live forever and that it is a way of life to raise them and essentially eat them. I was brought up in it and have a greater deal of respect for the people that put food on my plate everyday. Parents I also learned from living on a farm the respect I have for my parents. They are honest such hard working and respectable individuals that I look up too very much. My parents own two local businesses as well and watching them juggle their busy life and have such a great relationship sets the stage high for my sister and I.

3.3. Music

3.3.1. I learned from playing  multiple instruments and listening to serval genres of music is that some people have raw talent. I think that musicians are sometimes the most forgotten when it comes to abilities, perserviance and dedication. Playing an instrument can seem easy, but it takes a lot of time and effort to master it. In addition, some people have raw talent and natural abilities that I think get brushed off and I learned to appreciate everyones different talents and capabilities. Mr.K My music teacher in high school was amazing. He taught me to have more faith in my abilities and that everyone hits the wrong note sometimes. Garth Brooks