Protestant reformation

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Protestant reformation by Mind Map: Protestant reformation

1. English reformation

1.1. Queen Elizabeth compromised between Protestant and Catholic policies

1.2. break from Church was work of King Henry VIII

2. Catholic Reformation

2.1. Pope Paul III

2.1.1. tried to regain Church's moral authority

2.1.2. fight Protestant spread

2.1.3. established council of Trent

2.1.4. strengthened Inquisition

3. Persecution

3.1. brought on by extreme religious beliefs at the time

3.2. Jews

3.3. witches

4. background

4.1. violence

4.2. Humanist ideas

4.2.1. questioning church

4.2.2. classical education

4.2.3. social reform

4.3. poverty

5. Church

5.1. popes against monarchs for power

5.2. popes wealthy with lavish lives

5.3. indulgences for money

6. Martin Luther

6.1. 95 Theses

6.1.1. pope did not have power to release souls from purgatory

6.1.2. Christians only can be saved through faith

6.1.3. indulgences have no place in Bible

6.2. outlawed by Pope Leo X and Charles V

6.3. convinced many to renounce pope's authority

6.3.1. peasants rebelled against Church

7. Peace of Augsburg

7.1. each prince decided between Catholicism or Lutheranism for their states

7.1.1. Northern chose Lutheran

7.1.2. Southern chose Catholic