Three Metaphors of learning

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Three Metaphors of learning by Mind Map: Three Metaphors of learning

1. Cognitive tools are selected computer based tools for engaging and enhancing multiple forms of thinking in learners.

1.1. cognitive tools should be developed to function as intellectual parters.

2. student role=sense maker

3. The ICT education I got in HKU put more emphasis on learning process, which helps me to improve my capability in communication, collaboration, critical thinking etc. It made an innovation in traditional teaching way which always focusing on learning outcome.

4. Response strengthening

4.1. definition: change the strength of stimulus-response (S-R) association

4.1.1. Behaviorism drill and practice S-R associations reward and punishment teacher's role: trainer students' role: passive information recevier

5. Knowledge constructing

5.1. definition: learning is a process of knowledge construction

5.1.1. Constructivism teaching method: learning by finishing academic tasks, experiencing, discovering, exploring problems Make mind maps to learn. VR & AR in classrooms to learn and experience maths or science models knowledge = useful information ICT acts like a filter in today's information explosion society to bring us the useful information both in our teaching and learning. teacher role=guide, facilitator students' role: independent thinker for meaning making After class, students have to build their learning portfolios and learning journals/reflections.

6. Information processing

6.1. definition: teaching and learning like information processing of computer

6.1.1. Cognitivism Humans as information processor=computer Mind=hardware Cognition=software Learning=computer data structures

7. New Topic