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ELL Program by Mind Map: ELL Program

1. Students wont be overwhelmed by total English immersion. Will have a better chance at academic success. Will also help English speakers learn Spanish and help with peer communication.

2. 26% American Indian/3% Black/ 1% White/ 1% Asian/ 0% Hawaiian

3. 757 total students

4. Teacher to Student Ratio= 1:16

5. 64% Hispanic

5.1. Majority of students Hispanic

5.2. Most are either bilingual or ELLS

5.3. 26% over Maricopa County Average

6. Bilingual Program

6.1. 2 Way Dual Language Program

6.1.1. Students will learn in both English and Spanish

6.1.2. 70% of class will be taught in English

6.1.3. 30% taught in Spanish

7. Parent Communication

7.1. Parents will be notified when enrolling children in school about dual language program

7.2. Parents will be updated on students progress via progress reports noting students progress in both languages