7 aspects of civilization   Sumeria and Shang Zhou

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7 aspects of civilization   Sumeria and Shang Zhou by Mind Map: 7 aspects of civilization   Sumeria and Shang Zhou

1. Government and Leaders

1.1. Shang Zhou

1.1.1. Monarchy,

1.1.2. The Dynastic Cycle. The dynasty would only stay in power if they were a good government leader. If the leader failed, he would lose his favors from God,

1.2. Sumeria

1.2.1. Formed Dynasties

1.2.2. As city states battled for dominance, war chiefs began to rule as King.

2. Arts and Education

2.1. Shang Zhou

2.1.1. Used bronze to make objects and structures

2.1.2. Made jade ordinates and objects for ritual ceremonies

2.1.3. Built schools to teach their children

2.2. Sumeria

2.2.1. Sumerian writing is called cuniform

2.2.2. Developed math based off the number 60

2.2.3. Made small objects out of ivory

3. Economy and Trade

3.1. Shang Zhou

3.1.1. Most people were farmers.

3.1.2. They discovered bronze, which helped start the military for weapons.

3.1.3. Sculpters, painters, priests and slaves were common jobs.

3.1.4. Mostly traded bronze and grains.

3.1.5. Huang He river

3.2. Sumeria

3.2.1. Trade with people to get mostly raw material.

3.2.2. Economy was based solely on agriculture.

4. Geography and Agriculture

4.1. Shang Zhou-

4.1.1. 2 major rivers -Chang Tang and Huang he river

4.1.2. Lots of rain

4.1.3. They grew a lot of rice

4.2. Sumeria

4.2.1. Fertile crescent

4.2.2. There was some oasises which had rich soil

4.2.3. Mesopotamia

4.2.4. Dug canals as an irrigation system

5. Religion

5.1. Shang Zhou-

5.1.1. They use shang tombs for burial

5.2. Sumeria

5.2.1. The sumerian practice polytheism

5.2.2. The sumerians also believe that a god protected each city state

5.2.3. They believed that gods controlled all natural forces

6. Social Structure and Family

6.1. Shang Zhou

6.1.1. Four social classes; top the king midle the military, low middle artisans and craftsmen, and bottom class peasants

6.1.2. Asked their families and ancesters for advice

6.1.3. Different dynasties for example Qin dynasty, Shang dynasty and Zhou dynasty

6.2. Sumeria

6.2.1. Women took care of home and family

6.2.2. Top social class is kings and priests,middle large land owners, low middle majority of sumeritans, bottom class is slaves