TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge)

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TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge) by Mind Map: TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge)

1. Pedagogical Content Knowledge

1.1. Intersection of the pedagogical and content areas

1.2. Covers the core concepts of teaching, learning, curriculum, assessments and reporting

2. Technological Content Knowledge

2.1. Technology is integrated into a content area for deeper learning

2.2. Students can collect and monitor data in a science experiment using technology using software

2.3. Intersection of the technological and content areas

2.4. Teachers need to understand what type or kind of technology is best suited for teaching subject-matter

3. Technological Pedagogical Knowledge

3.1. How to choose and manage technology for your students

3.2. Intersection of the technological and pedagogical areas

3.3. What technology will best suit my students?

3.4. How can you use collaboration tools to get students interacting with each other?

3.5. Requires a forward-thinking, creative and open-mind for teachers

4. TPACK: Helps teachers consider how their knowledge domains intersect in order to effectively teach students using technology

5. Content Knowledge

5.1. Teachers knowledge about the subject matter to be taught

5.2. It can be science, social studies, math and/or language arts

5.3. Made up of facts, concepts and theories

6. Pedagogy Knowledge

6.1. Teachers need deep knowledge about the practices or methods of teaching and learning

6.2. Can include theories, instructional strategies, and assessments

6.3. Project-based learning

6.4. Requires and understanding of social, cognitive and developmental stages of learning

7. Technology Knowledge

7.1. Knowledge about certain ways of thinking about and working with technology, tools and resources

7.2. How to select, use and integrate technology with your curriculum

7.3. Ipads, computers, cell phones, etc

7.4. It's about the quality of content available on apps, websites, and games for learning

8. Reference

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