Staying Safe on Social Media

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Staying Safe on Social Media by Mind Map: Staying Safe on Social Media

1. How do you know if your account is private?

1.1. How do you make it private on Facebook and Twitter?

2. What is a geolocation?

2.1. When does it display and what information does it share?

3. What's the minimum age for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat?

3.1. Most are over 13 but some are higher

4. Who do we build friendships with online?

4.1. Are online and offline friendships different?

5. Who can see your post?

5.1. Just one person?

5.2. Friends?

5.3. Public?

5.4. Your teacher?

6. What is cyberbullying?

6.1. Do people say things on social media they wouldn't say face-to-face?

6.2. Who do you speak to if you are someone you know is a victim of cyberbullying?

7. What is our 'digital footprint'?

7.1. Are there ways that we can be more careful?