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Lionhearts by Mind Map: Lionhearts

1. Team Points

1.1. Capturing Objectives

1.1.1. Farm 1p / 5s

1.1.2. Mine 2p / 5s

1.1.3. Outpost 3p / 5s

1.2. Kills

1.2.1. Players 3p 10r

1.2.2. Guards 1p 5r

1.3. Victory

1.3.1. 1000p

2. Player Unlocks

2.1. Banker

2.1.1. More bank space c = 500r * level + 8 slots per upgrade

2.2. Stores

2.2.1. Banksmith Upgrade equipment c = 500r Better wares c = 250r * tier

2.2.2. Alchemist Create custom potions c = 750r Better wares c = 250r * tier

2.2.3. Craftsman Upgrade equipment c = 500r Better wares c = 250r * tier

2.2.4. Peddler Upgrade equipment c = 500r Better wares c = 250r * tier

2.2.5. Oracle Better wares c = 250r * tier Card combination c = 750r

2.3. Card slots

2.3.1. c = 1000r * level

2.3.2. Max slots = 4

3. Combat

3.1. Cards

3.1.1. Equipping cards can give the player unique abilities, buffs towards combat styles, or even alter attacks

3.1.2. Cards can be obtained as a rare drop from supply crates, purchasing them from the Oracle, or as a reward drop at the end of a game

3.1.3. Only four cards may be equipped at one time

3.2. Class Trees

3.2.1. Mage Ranged damage dealers with little melee resistance and high magic resistance

3.2.2. Warrior Close ranged tanks with little magic resistance and high melee resistance

3.2.3. Rogue Close to medium range damage dealers with decent magic and melee resistance

3.2.4. Class trees give bonuses towards the preferred combat style of the class, and negative effects towards their weakness

3.3. Attacks

3.3.1. Mage Left click Power blast Explosion Swift blast Right click Tri burst Magic slash Crater E Beam Wall Shield Alt Surge Regen Meditate

3.3.2. Warrior Left click Percision Defensive Aggressive Right click Cleave Lunge Quake E Block Reposte Fury Alt Enrage Mark of death Bolster

3.3.3. Rogue Left click Deft strike Pierce Shoot Right click Snipe Triple slash Unload E Assassinate Vanish Smoke bomb Alt Feign Recon Eleviate

4. Teams

4.1. Dominion

4.2. Reserance

5. Player Purchases

5.1. Supply crates

5.1.1. Unique cards Tier 1 - 4

5.1.2. Weapons Scaled to level tier

5.1.3. Armor Scaled to level tier

5.2. Stores

5.2.1. Weapons

5.2.2. Potions

5.2.3. Armor

5.2.4. Basic cards