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1. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

1.1. The Accommodations and Modifications for Children with Autism

1.2. Interventions for Children with Autism

2. Deaf-Blindness

2.1. Effective Intervention for Children who are deafblind

2.1.1. Access to Environmental Information

2.1.2. Development and Use of Communication Skills

2.1.3. Social and Emotional Well-being

3. Deafness

3.1. Teaching Strategies for Hearing Impaired Students

3.2. Accommodation for Students with Deafness

4. Emotional Disturbance

4.1. Strategies for Teaching Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

4.2. Accommodations and Modifications for students with Emotional Disturbance

4.3. Case Study: Megan

5. Hearing Impairment...

5.1. Early Intervention for Students with Hearing Impairment

5.2. Strategies for Hearing Impairment

6. Intellectual Disability

6.1. Effective Teaching Strategies for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

7. Multiple Disabilities

7.1. Accommodations for Students with Multiple Disabilities

7.2. Instructional Strategies for Students with Multiple Disabilities

8. Orthopedic  Impairment.

8.1. Teaching Strategies and Interventions for Students with Orthopedic Impairment

9. Other Health Impairment

9.1. Accommodations for Students Other Health Impairment

9.2. Strategies and Interventions for Students with Other Health Impairment

10. Specific Learning Disability

10.1. Interventions for Learning Disorders

10.2. Accommodations for Children with Disabilities

11. Speech or Language Impairment

11.1. Interventions for Children with Speech or Language Impairment

11.2. Classroom Strategies for Students with Speech or Language Impairment

11.3. Case Study from Interview

12. Traumatic Brain Injury

12.1. Classroom Interventions for Children with TBI

12.2. Classroom Accommodations for Children with TBI

13. Visual impairment, including blindness

13.1. Interventions and Accommodations for Children with Visual Impairment, including blindness

14. Developmental delay

14.1. Strategies for Developmental Delay

14.1.1. Physical Development

14.1.2. Cognitive Development

14.1.3. Communication Development

14.1.4. Social and Emotional Development

14.1.5. Adaptive Behavior