Strengths and Limitations

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Strengths and Limitations by Mind Map: Strengths and Limitations

1. Power

1.1. There being a 13 yr gap between my brother and I.

1.1.1. Being a lot older than my youngest brother gives me a certain responsibility. Since he was born I've taken care of him as if he was my own son because of this he comes to me for advice or questions he has. This affects me because my little brother looks up to me in a more different way than my parents.

1.2. Math

1.2.1. Yes, I am one of this people that loves math. I could do math all day everyday. I love the simplicity of it and how there is one answer and there is a function that takes you steps by step to get the answer. This is a strong subject for me so I feel confident when it comes to math and I think that's whyI think it gives me this sort of power.

1.3. Being the only girl in the family.

1.3.1. Being the only girl the family does not necessarily mean being the only girl out of my whole family. This just means being the only girl out of the family that I am closest to. This is both a power and also not. Power - I have a lot of cousins that look out for me in a different way than they look out for each other. I basically have like six older brothers. I love them all so much and they are also big inspirations to me. Powerless- Being an only girl also means a lot less is expected from you. For example, my uncles thought I wasn't going to go to school because of the gap year I took and also because they believe in the idea of a woman being supported by their husband.  I completely disagree with this because I would rather have my career set and be economically stable than have to depend on someone else.

2. Privilege

2.1. Heterosexual Privilege

2.1.1. This is a privilege because I won't get asked  a lot about my sexual orientation or how different life is for me. People also wont stare if I hold my significant other's hand or if I kiss them in public.

2.2. Mexican Privilege

2.2.1. This is also a privilege for me because people usually assume when you are Latino/Latina you are most likely Mexican. This also happens when someone hears you talk Spanish they tend to believe you are Mexican.

2.3. Language Privilege

2.3.1. I believe language is a privilege to me because I do speak two languages so it can be an advantage. For example, at work it is easier for me to communicate with most costumers because majority speak Spanish and they do English. I work at Jack in the Box so whenever I work drive thru backup and the actual drive thru person doesn't speak Spanish I have to step in and take their order.

3. Coming from a Mexican family, at least in my case, means being very judgmental in many cases. My family has grown up to believe in stereotypes for many races. For example, African- Americans tend to be very messy and have poor hygiene. I am a very open minded person so this always bring a discussion at the dinner table. I believe just as there might be messy African-Americans there is messy Latinos, Asians, and so on. There is a little bit of everything in every race, there is not need to stereotype races, we are all humans. This also means being judgmental towards the LGBTQ community my family does not necessarily think it is wrong, they just think it does not seem right. But how can you say love looks wrong. I was raised Catholic, my family from my dad's side and mom's side are catholic. As I grew older I starting pulling away from the church or better said the religion I was raised in. This did not mean I was pulling away from the belief in God, this only meant I was actually building a relationship with God. Even though I consider myself to not have a religion, I believe to have a strong relationship with God.

4. I was born originally in Guadalajara, Jalisco, I was brought to the United States when I was seven years old by my parents to pursue the American dream. My parents have always wanted the best for us and believe they made the right choice which I believe is true. This ties in with my nationality and my gender and  how it affects my my world view in some positive and negative ways. For example, being a female who is Mexican and works automatically makes people assume I do not go to school and I will stay there in a minimum wage job for the rest of my life. Having to deal with that criticism on most of the jobs I've had makes me push myself further to be able to achieve the goals I've always have set for myself. Being a DREAMER has given me the opportunity to be able to go to school without having to pay full tuition. Without this I would have probably not been able to attend school because it becomes very pricey, especially when both my parents having low paying jobs.

5. Intersectionality

5.1. Female


5.3. Mexican

5.4. Working Class

6. Belief System

6.1. Racial Beliefs

6.1.1. Everyone is equal and should be treated that way. We are all human.

6.2. Religious Beliefs

6.2.1. Religion is not as important as the belief in God.

6.3. Sexual Orientation Beliefs

6.3.1. People's preference of gender attraction is not a bad thing if it is different.