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Linux Tmxxine by Mind Map: Linux Tmxxine
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Linux Tmxxine

Distro for Open Source Time Travel. Featuring Rapid Deployment using remastering. 100% PuppyOS Compatible


Large set of included programs, including Open Office


Our first usable Tmxxine. Made use of Ezpup to provide 'Black rainbow' wallpaper with 'Vista' type theme as default


A programmers version. Not recommended for general use. I would place as Alpha status. Contains Java, Net-Logo and Python as well as the C, C++ and assembler development system


ISO which adds YAP (YinYana Alter Progrm) to startup. This is a Buddhist Practice (mostly Tantric) program for running a  meditation practice and virtual shrine. The ISO is based on Puppy NOP which runs Xfce as its default interface and Opera as its browser


Sets a customised Puppy program for Puppy 2.10 onward. Creates a Virtual Buddhist Shrine powered by images and sound that you can use as a meditative focal point

New Bodhis

Two Puppy Developers due to their efforts have become the first YinYana Boddhisattvas (Near Buddhas)


Shard is not as large as Prism but contains the Puppy base, plus any mods and extra programs that make it usable on a 256MB ram computer for daily usage


Recommended ISO for daily use. Features Xara, Kompozer and Gimpshop on top of Puppy 2.17 with Tmxxine theme


Uses NOP (which is based on Puppy 3.01) and contains Opera browser, Xara, Gimp and NVU. I prefer the earlier 2.17  base which uses Ezpup (uses the IceWM  window manager interface)


Suggested Tmxxine Online Services Web page of bookmarks


Future Tmxxines will be based on emerging Puppy versions such as Lassie, Dingo and in particular Wnop and PupEEE. Rapid depoyment and adaption is key to the tmxxine philosopy. We will also long term consider the use of T2 based Tmxxine for other processors

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