The Strengths and Limitations of My Worldview

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The Strengths and Limitations of My Worldview by Mind Map: The Strengths and Limitations of My Worldview

1. Privilege

1.1. I am privileged with all my five senses. I have the privilege to be able to hear and smell everything around me. I am privileged with the ability to taste things and touch/feel things. I am privileged to be able to see everything around me and be aware of my surroundings.

1.1.1. These privileges limit my ability to understand the world around me because I take these privileges for granted. I do not realize how important it is to have these privileges. I do not consider those who are unable to see or hear or even walk. I am privileged with my two legs where some individuals do not even have any legs.

1.1.2. My privileges have given me access to an opportunity of being a Certified Nursing Assistant for the state of California which allows my worldview to expand because I am given the privilege to help others who lack the privileges I was granted with.

2. Belief System

2.1. I am a Catholic and as a Catholic I believe in the church, Mary the Queen of the Heavens and the saints. I believe in salvation, scripture, tradition and sacraments.

2.2. Due to following my religion, the sacraments do not allow me to have sexual relationships before marriage which is considered a limitation. This can be an advantage and disadvantage. It can be an advantage because you are saving yourself for marriage and someone who is willing to wait for you to be ready but this can be a disadvantage because it can be difficult to actually find a guy who would wait.

2.2.1. The strengths of being Catholic are that through the sacrament of communion individuals are able to free themselves from their sins. As a catholic you are encouraged to confess your sins at least twice a year which helps individuals become better people and allow individuals to feel content with themselves. Another strength of being Catholic is that I am able to get married through the church when I'm ready which has been my dream since I was younger.

3. Intersectionality

3.1. Gender discrimination against woman can be encouraged and shaped by someone's race and ethnicity. Racial and gender discrimination of woman such as human trafficking and violence against woman is an issue woman face especially those woman of color because woman of color tend to become a threat to society.

3.2. It is believed that white individual are more successful and earn a higher wage than those of any other race. As society continues this discrimination, it overlaps the belief that every individual should be treated equally.

3.2.1. When applying to a job, a school, government related applications, etc., you are required to identify yourself by your ethnicity and gender. Your applications are judged by those factors and there have been cases where someone does not get a job or get accepted into a school do to their race and/or gender. Race and gender are identities that highly shape most of our outcomes.


4.1. I feel I do have some power over other people in the aspect of being bilingual in English and Spanish. When applying for a job, being bilingual is an advantage because you have a higher chance of getting hired due to the fact that you are able to speak to multiple individuals.

4.2. Being bilingual is an advantage but can also be a disadvantage by the way other individuals judge you and interpret you for speaking a language other than English. I sometimes feel powerless being Hispanic because society places hispanics in a category where we are often looked frowned upon. Hispanics are categorized as those individuals who are less likely to be successful and less likely to make good money just like black individuals who are frowned upon because society categorizes them because of their history.

4.2.1. Being upset with society is the way I view the world because society is so unfair toward the dynamics of race and the power these races have. Society discriminates and sets these races in categories which shapes the worlds view of society. This is mostly based off of the way an individual dresses and an individuals appearance. If there is an individual who is highly educated yet looks sluggish, society is going to automatically assume this person has little education. However, if there is a person who looks sluggish yet uses a wide variety of vocabulary, society automatically assumes this person is well educated. As a human being I too judge off appearance but I catch myself and punish myself because I do not agree with it. It a natural reaction that needs lots and lots of work and dedication of society to disappear.