Digital Citizenship & Web Awarness

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Digital Citizenship & Web Awarness by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship & Web Awarness

1. Cyber Bullying

1.1. -Access, Commerce , Communication, Literacy, Etiquette, Law, Rights and responsibilities, Heath and Wellness, Security /Self-protection

2. Online Learning

2.1. Levels the Plying feild for Alberta cutbacks

2.2. personalized & individualized

2.3. 24/7 access and individual pace

2.4. Interact with 21st century technology

2.5. Allows students to compete on a global scale

2.6. Possibly overload of information

3. Digital Citizenship

3.1. online governing rules

3.1.1. Respect yourself, others, & intellectual property

3.2. Teaching students to be media literate in 21ce

3.3. opportunity and danger combined

3.4. What is ethical?

3.4.1. Identification, privacy, ownership, trustworthy, participate, (Ref. digital life)

3.4.2. consider safety

3.4.3. "Best internet filter is the one between their ears"

3.4.4. GOAL: helps students use and think about technology Creators not just intkers/consumers THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK