How is the Media Impacting the Latino Community?

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How is the Media Impacting the Latino Community? by Mind Map: How is the Media Impacting the Latino Community?

1. What do we understand by media?

1.1. Things have changed, because in the old days

1.1.1. Three news broadcasters ABC CBS NBC

1.1.2. Media enabled communal experiences

1.2. Then came the era of cable and the fragmentation of TV content

1.2.1. OMG! 300 Channels of TV!

1.3. Then the Internet and a tsunami of content

1.3.1. The previous institutions still have a good say

1.4. Today

1.4.1. Even more content on the Internet (a huge amount created by regular people)

1.4.2. Previous outlets seem to be in a decline

1.4.3. If you watch latino media Content made in the US, like Univision and Telemundo What other examples? Plenty of content from outside the US like Azteca America and Televisa What other examples?

2. Main issues today

2.1. When we talk about media, more often than not we are talking about digital media and the Internet

2.1.1. Many can produce it Different levels of quality Many purposes

2.1.2. It reaches everywhere Think local and think global

2.2. Information is being produced at incredible rates

2.2.1. Cognitive overload

2.2.2. Critical thinking

2.3. There is no way out, information consumption needs to be filtered

2.3.1. Self-selection Not too good

2.3.2. Curators / people Quite expensive

2.3.3. Algorithms Not too good yet

3. Media careers

3.1. Public Relations

3.1.1. The professional voice of organizations

3.1.2. For profit and non-profit "The Public Affairs unit develops and disseminates stories of academic excellence, student success, innovation, civic engagement, and Sac State's welcoming campus environment, telling the Sac State story through University-wide marketing, the University's website, social media, e-newsletters, and media relations. The Advocacy team engages in efforts to secure resources and support for the University – from California's Capitol to the nation's Capitol."

3.1.3. You can work in PR for Latino organizations or communicate to Latinos communities for any organization

3.2. Journalism

3.2.1. The fourth estate Check on powers Plays an important role in governance

3.2.2. As a profession, journalism has changed a lot and it will continue to change a lot Critical thinking Resourcefulness Statistics for data mining Programming for investigation

3.2.3. You can work on the issues that matter to latinos

3.3. Advertising

3.3.1. You specialize in the construction of persuasive messages

3.4. Study the impact of media in society

4. Think local, think global

4.1. If the outcome of your work is information and/or digital media

4.1.1. You can reach other global markets

4.1.2. Non-local people can work where you are

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