Importance of Louis XIV's Reign

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Importance of Louis XIV's Reign by Mind Map: Importance of Louis XIV's Reign

1. Wars

1.1. War of the Grand Alliance 1689-1697

1.1.1. It was predicted that France was going to be the new occupant of the Spanish throne.

1.1.2. The Habsburgs fought over it.

1.1.3. The Roman emperor, Leopold I, knew what Louis was up to.

1.1.4. Austria's Leopolds formed the Grand Alliance (England, Spain, and the Netherlands).

1.1.5. Louis XIV overtook the Grand Alliance

1.1.6. During the end of the war, Louis XIV considered a peace treaty, but, that failed and was pointless. In 1701, A real and decisive war began over the Spanish succession.

1.2. War of Spanish Succession

1.2.1. After the death of Spain's ruler (Charles II), the Austrians prepare for war with France

1.2.2. Each is fighting on behalf of a grandson or son who is not next in line of succession to the French or Austrian throne.

1.2.3. Each side is trying to take control of the territories of Spain

1.2.4. The following years of war are not that severe and peace negotiations are discussed between the two forces.

1.2.5. After the death of Louis XIV, Charles VI is placed on the Spanish Throne. He agrees to a treaty with other European powers in 1714.

2. Finance

2.1. Although Louis XIV earned his throne at age 4, Cardinal Mazarin was his financial advisor.

2.2. Louis XIV took personal control over the government while relying on Jean Colbert on financial issues.

2.3. A deflect struck due to trading problems with gold and silver with the Dutch Republic.

2.4. Correcting and organizing the tax system fixed the issues.

2.5. The amount of taxes was raised, which caused France's debt to drop by over 50 million livres.

2.6. Without the help of the two stated financial advisers, Louis XIV would not have been as successful

3. Arts

3.1. Chose arts over politics, which can be seen through France's gardens and noble palace buildings.

3.2. Versailles offered an artistic nature.

3.3. Louis took pride over decorating and styling his country.

3.4. Created an image for France during his reign that spoke of royalty, wealth, and luxury.

3.5. Louis was a huge patron towards the arts.

3.6. He had a motive of immortalizing himself in paintings in order for future generations would remember him.

3.7. Hall of Mirrors which is constructed in the Palace of Versailles, is one of the most iconic places in Versailles.

4. Absolutism

4.1. Louis had a goal to centralize and rein in control of France.

4.2. Accomplished that by improving the unorganized system of France's taxes.

4.3. He approached foreign policies, first by invading Spanish Netherlands.

4.4. Set up the Palace of Versailles, where all French nobles move there to task on various positions in his administration.

4.5. Successful in war, throughout his reign he had fought wars with most European countries.

4.6. He identified himself immediately with the governing of the nation.

4.7. His notable statement, " I am the state." was the ultimate declaration of absolutism.